By utilising your existing finances, we'll help you to build a low-risk specialist property portfolio of appreciating assets. With our support, you'll learn and develop the skills of building, marketing and growing your ideal property portfolio in a tax-efficient business structure.

Platinum Property Partners Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the Platinum Property Partners Franchise or have used the Platinum Property Partners business services in the past.

I have successfully generated a replacement income, provided for my retirement so I won't need to rely on family or the state and are genuinely proud of the product and service I provide. I am also able to spend much more time with the kids too, which is the greatest benefit of joining PPP.

David Brant, PPP Franchise Partner

We knew what we wanted to do, we knew what type of lifestyle we wanted to achieve and what income we would need to facilitate that. The return on capital has been absolutely great and in excess of what we had planned for. If we could do it all again tomorrow, we would. Why wouldn't you? It's done what it said on the tin. It's given us the lifestyle we wanted and the income we need.

Alex and Emma Glass, PPP Franchise Partners

I have been able to use equity in my own home to help me build a successful property business of scale with the help of PPP, but where PPP adds the most valueis in the continued learning - not just about property, but on a personal level too.

Cathy Colston, PPP Partner

The benefit of being part of Platinum Property Partners far outweighed the cost and risk of going it alone. Also, being part of a community of like-minded people is definitely important. We can share ideas, successes and challenges and talk about best practices.

Will Tsang, PPP Partner

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