Start a leaflet distribution management franchise business with the industry leader and offer a full local marketing service helping local businesses and organisations find more customers.

DOR-2-DOR Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the DOR-2-DOR Franchise or have used the DOR-2-DOR business services in the past.

We now deliver to 50,000 households every week. What I like most about the franchise is the salary it gives me and the people I help in my local community.

Hayley Widlake - Dor-2-Dor (Swansea)

I have been running the business for over 3 years and I can honestly say that we are establishing an excellent and worthwhile business in my local area.

Gareth Evans - DOR-2-DOR (Stourbridge)

I have had the franchise for Cambridge for over 8 years, and there are 2 great things about DOR-2-DOR - Firstly the system, the process is very professional, secondly we have such great support from our head office who are always very friendly professional and helpful

Debbie Siragher - DOR-2-DOR (Cambridge)

I started my franchise in July 2014. I love the flexibility in the business in that you have so many things to offer the client including design and print and delivery or the cooperative mailer and you can make money from all these things. It’s a very lively network of franchisees and I would certainly recommend it to anyone considering a franchise.

Ryan Moon - DOR-2-DOR (Swindon)

The potential with DOR-2-DOR is very significant. The number of businesses that need the sort of services we provide and can’t get is also significant. In two and a half years we have built a business with 50 regular deliverers delivering to a significant number of households across Devon. There is no shortage of business that want to use DOR-2-DOR.

Alan Marriott - DOR-2-DOR (Exeter)

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