Start a leaflet distribution management franchise business with DOR-2-DOR and provide a full marketing and printing service to local businesses and organisations.

DOR-2-DOR Franchise Videos

Below are a section of videos related to the DOR-2-DOR Franchise opportunity.

You Don't Need a DOR-2-DOR franchise

Here Jeff Frankling founder and CEO explains the benefits of owning a DOR-2-DOR franchise and why its a 1000 times better than trying to set up a leaflet distribution business on your own.

Peeing On An Advert - could change everything

In this video Jeff Frankling Founder & CEO of DOR-2-DOR the UK's Number 1 franchise in Leaflet Distribution & Printing explains how leaflets and printed advertising are winning against digital and other marketing channels in the bid to capture the attent

D2D Works - The unique Software Solution at DOR-2-DORâ„¢

Jeff Frankling Founder & CEO talks about the unique software solution the DOR-2-DOR has developed over the last 18 years.

Every Home has a Letterbox

Not everyone has a computer or access to the internet. Not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. Not everyone has a TV. Not everyone who has a TV has Sky or Virgin Media. But Every Home Has A letterbox and every new Home build has a letterbox.

Why I love my DOR-2-DOR Franchise

Lisa Lobb - DOR-2-DOR Franchisee for Enfield and Barnet tells us what she loves so much about operating her Leaflet Distribution and printing franchise.

Self Perpetuating Business

Jeff Frankling our founder & CEO explains why DOR-2-DOR is a self perpetuating business.

Leaflet Distribution Franchise - DOR-2-DOR

Jeff Frankling Founder & CEO explains how and why it works, and the potential for you as a franchise owner.

Make 300-400% Profit with a DOR-2-DOR Leaflet Distribution Franchise

In this video Jeff Frankling Founder & CEO of DOR-2-DOR explains turnover is vanity but profit is sanity in a business and how you can easily make 300-400% gross profit in a DOR-2-DOR Leaflet Distribution Business.

It's Easy Now - With a DOR-2-DOR Franchise

Everything in life is easy when you know how. Riding a bike is scary the first time you do it. It's easy now. Driving a car is stressful the first time you do it. It's easy now. The same is true for buying a business. It's easy when you know how. Whe

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