A Guide To The Most Profitable UK Franchises In 2022

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The Most Profitable Franchises In The UK

Franchising is increasingly becoming more popular and is a great way to own your own business. One of the main reasons for this rise in popularity is that franchises can give you a great return on investment quickly. It’s usually the big names, such as McDonald’s and Costa Coffee, that people think of when they think of the most profitable franchises. In 2022, this isn’t the case at all. 

While these franchises are some of the most profitable, the entry costs can be unrealistic for the majority of us. There are so many other industries out there that have franchise opportunities that are much more affordable in terms of entry cost. Research has shown that over 90% of franchise owners make a profit in their business, so why not join the club sooner rather than later? 

How Do Franchises Make Money?

Franchises are so varied and can be found in a variety of industries, however, they all make money in a similar way. Franchises make money in one of two ways: by selling a product, or by selling a service. If you’re new to franchising and would like to learn more, we have a detailed article on ‘How Does Franchising Work?’

Not all the money that your franchise makes will go to you as the franchisee, though. An agreed amount of the sales usually goes to the franchisor through royalty fees, and they can then use this money to invest elsewhere in the business, for example. However, the more money a franchise makes, the more income that is generated, meaning more profit is made and can go to the franchisee and franchisor. 

Where Can I Find Profitable Franchise Opportunities?

At one time, finding a franchise opportunity was difficult but, in 2022, it’s easier than ever. There are directories available online, such as our own at Franchise Local, which is a fantastic resource. Our collection of franchise opportunities is updated regularly and will help you to see what’s currently available for you to invest in. 

At Franchise Local, we organise these opportunities by industry, allowing you to narrow down your search to specific sectors so you can go straight to the franchises in the industries that appeal to you most. There’s no special formula to knowing what might be a profitable franchise – it can be difficult to predict – but, if you’re confident in your experience and knowledge of an industry then following your instincts is a good starting point. That’s not to say, however, that you can’t lead a successful franchise if you don’t have experience. We explore this very theme in our ‘Do You Need Experience To Run A Franchise?’ article. 

Research And Due Diligence

If you’re confident enough to trust your intuition, then feel free to go for it, but you can’t beat a bit of old fashioned research and due diligence when looking for the most profitable franchise opportunities. Looking for trends and analysing the numbers associated with well-known franchises is definitely worth doing if you’re looking for the franchise that will give you the best return on investment. 

Use our list of hot and trending franchises as a starting point. Here, you can see a collection of franchises that are popular at the moment and take a look at their minimum investment, amongst other details. 

Profitable Franchise Opportunities In 2022

Some industry trends come and go and won’t always be profitable. There’s an element of risk involved here – if you choose a franchise based on how popular it is at the time, there’s always a chance this could change. If you’re more risk-averse, then there are some safer options you can choose. 

While taking risks can pay off in some circumstances, there’s a huge range of industries you can explore that will always be in demand. Although these franchises might always bring in regular business, that doesn’t mean that large profits are guaranteed. In the next section, we’ll highlight some examples of industries with franchises that offer a good return on your investment. 

Examples Of Profitable Franchises

Here are some examples of the industries where you’ll find the most profitable franchises. 

The health and beauty industry covers a large range of franchises. From those selling cosmetic and beauty products to spas, pharmacies and barbershops – the health and beauty industry is one that’s almost always in demand. 

Merchandising franchises are another safe bet in the franchising world. This industry is consumer-driven and brings in money through the distribution of specific products. As the nature of the industry is very much supply and demand, there’s always money to be made with a merchandising franchise. 

More companies are choosing to outsource their recruitment, and this trend is expected to continue. Recruitment franchises save businesses valuable time and resources as the recruitment process can be a tough one. With this in mind, buying a franchise in this industry will be sure to generate a lot of income that you and your franchisor can put to good use. 

Pursuing a property franchise is likely to be profitable as the businesses within this market operate under a tried and tested formula. If you were to buy a property franchise, it’s likely that there would be a business plan already in place that you can pick up and continue to build on. Property will always be in demand, making property franchises lucrative. 

Gyms have always been popular but, with the current uptake of gym-goers, it’s a great time to get involved with a fitness franchise. However, it’s not just gyms that are busier than ever – personal training plans have become more prominent lately, with more businesses offering these services. Although fitness franchises might be seen as seasonal, those seasonal trends are reliable and have been present for years, highlighting how profitable these franchises are. 

Find The Most Profitable Franchises In The UK With Franchise Local

If you want to browse the most profitable franchise opportunities currently available in the UK, Franchise Local has you covered. Our directory is free to search through and we’re confident that you’ll find your next opportunity on our site. We have plenty of news stories and detailed franchising guides to give you more insight into the world of franchising. Start your journey today!

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