The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme enables entrepreneurs to launch and operate their own parcel delivery business.

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme enables entrepreneurs to launch and operate their own parcel delivery business.

With low start-up costs, built-in demand, and access to Amazon’s technology and logistics experience, the DSP programme gives an opportunity to hand-on owners to build and grow a successful parcel delivery business.

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What does being an Amazon Delivery Service Partner involve?

Through the Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme, entrepreneurs across the country can launch and operate their own parcel delivery business through a fleet of up to 20 vans in less than six months.

The Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme provides an opportunity for strong leaders who are passionate about starting their own business. Joining a robust community of small businesses, you will help deliver thousands of parcels to customers every day. Logistics experience is not necessary.

What does the Amazon Package provide?

Get you started

Benefit from deals on Amazon-branded vans, comprehensive insurance, industrial-grade handheld devices, and other value-added services to help you get your delivery business up and running.

Provide training

Amazon provides multi-week training to ensure you’re set up for success, starting with a one-week introduction to Amazon in the company’s head office location, followed by time in the field working alongside the community of existing owners and drivers to learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful delivery business from those who know it best.

Give you a comprehensive toolkit

Amazon gives you tools and technology to run your business, including daily processes designed to keep your operation running smoothly.

Offer on-demand support

Owners receive support from Amazon, which includes an operations manual, driver assistance for on-road issues, and an account manager.

Share our experience

Amazon shares more than 20 years of technological and logistics experience to guide you in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Amazon Logistics Franchise

How much does it cost to become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner?

Leveraging Amazon’s deals makes the setup process easily manageable for everybody. Amazon has negotiated deals on start-up assets and ongoing business management services with top-in-class third-party providers to help you get your business started for as little as £10,000. To integrate the program and fully run your own company, £25,000 in liquid assets are required  (Business entity formation and licensing, accounting costs and lawyer fees, setup supplies, driver selection, your living costs etc).

Successful DSP owners can expect:

  • Annual revenue potential: £900,000-£1.8m
  • Annual profit potential: £50,000-£150,000

Amazon Logistics Franchise

Where in the UK can I start my own Amazon business?

The program is currently operating in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and North America. Locations all across the UK are currently available, feel free to fill in your preferred location whilst applying onto the portal.

Amazon will work with you to assign you to the nearest station from your home. That is where all operations are conducted and vans parked. Presence on-site is required at least five days a week, especially at the start in order to get your business up and running.

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