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TREND Transformations is a home renovation business like no other. With a bespoke product that combines a unique quality with a luxury feel, there's a reason why our business is growing from strength to strength.


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Granite & TREND Transformations Franchise News, Information & Updates

Read the latest updates, news and information articles related to the Granite & TREND Transformations Franchise opportunity.

Discover how you can transform your future at one of our Discovery Days

They say seeing is believing and this crucial step in the franchising journey can help you gain a deeper understanding of our systems, operations, and the overall business model. ...

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Granite & TREND Transformations Stunning new customer brochure rolls of the presses!

You may already have read the Granite & TREND Transformations full profile on this site at some point, or maybe youre new to this franchise, or just ready to learn more, it ...

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How you can beat the odds and succeed as a business owner during a recession

Theres no doubt the home renovation industry is great one to build a business in, and it just seems to go from strength to strength. Granite & TREND Transformations are a...

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Could apprentices be the future of kitchen and bathroom renovation?

While the success of your TREND Transformation franchise starts and ends with you, any business is only as good as the people who work for it. If youre considering starting your...

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Is the home improvement boom over? Not by a long shot!

Theres been a steady rise in home improvement work in recent years and its still showing no signs of slowing. In fact, experts suggest we are still way off the peak. Apart...

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How home renovation is an investment that always pays off

How a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise can help you bring value to your customers by adding value to their homes. Despite the ongoing problems in the rest of the ec...

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Alex Jared Appointed to Spearhead Commercial Division

The latest addition to the Granite & TREND Transformations team empowers franchisees to take their businesses to the next level by winning high-end commercial contracts. The...

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Granite & TREND Transformations comes to Wales!

Meet our franchisees Jamie & Sharon Curtis from Chepstow Jamie and Sharon are among some of our newer franchisees and are already making a big name for themselves with e...

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Kick your business into a higher gear with our new mobile showroom concept

Wondering about how you can bring more customers into your new business? Well, how about bringing your business to them, instead? Here at the Granite & TREND Transformations...

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The Benefits of Franchising

Franchising is a huge deal here in the UK, so whats all the fuss about? And is it the right path for you? If youre relatively new to the concept of franchising, you might ...

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A proven business formula that thrives during a recession

Looking to invest in your own all-weather business opportunity which can meet any challenge head on? Look no further than the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise! T...

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Post Pandemic: Business Resales are more popular!

Why are so many more people investing in a resale business and whats in it for you if you decide to go down this route? Franchising has long been one of the safest and most ...

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Exeter Resale Opportunity! Get an unbeatable head start in the home renovation industry

Granite & TREND Transformations is offering you a rare chance to purchase an existing showroom and workshop in Exeter. Not only are Granite & TREND territories becoming ...

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Resale Opportunity In The Midlands!

Get an unbeatable head start in the home renovation industry TREND Transformations is offering you the amazing opportunity to purchase an existing business operating from sever...

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Established Trend Transformations Business In The North West For Sale

Get an unbeatable head start in the home renovation industry TREND Transformations is offering you the amazing opportunity to purchase an existing business operating from several...

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Good luck to an old friend and a huge Granite & TREND welcome to our newest franchisee!

Its always sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our franchisees. We pride ourselves on working very closely with all our partners, not only guiding them through their cruci...

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Is now a good time to get into the home renovation industry?

Despite turbulence and uncertainty in other areas of the economy, the statistics are very clear: the KBB market is booming! Want to start your own kitchen and bathroom renovatio...

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A green business opportunity for eco-minded entrepreneurs

A green business opportunity for eco-minded entrepreneurs Do you want to run your own profitable business but still do your part for the environment at the same time? With a Gra...

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Start with the end in mind: how to use franchising to build your own nest egg for retirement

Investing in a franchise may just be the answer youre looking for to all your retirement worries. According to Scottish Widows, as many as 50% of us worry that were not do...

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Second year running in Elite Franchise’s top 100 for Granite & TREND Transformations!

After another excellent year of innovation and expansion, award-winning kitchen and bathroom franchise, Granite & TREND Transformations, are very proud to announce their listin...

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The Granite & TREND Transformations Franchise : understanding the nature of success

Everyone talks about success and how to achieve it, like success is some sort of shining goal where you will one day be able to sit and say Aha! Ive made it!. Thats why...

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Help your customers discover the magic of etherium® by E-Stone

Youll no doubt already be aware of the Granite & TREND Transformations franchises unique approach to kitchen and bathroom renovation our ability to totally transform ...

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Wow your customers in as little as one day!

Youll be impressed by just how quickly Granite & TREND Transformations can make a room more luxurious and beautiful but not as impressed as your customers will be! E...

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Starting My Own Business Was an Itch That Really Needed To Be Scratched!

High-flying, globetrotting careers are all well and good, but there comes a point when you need to make a change and build something you can be proud of a little closer to home. ...

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Top Ten Places in the UK Where Home Improvement is Booming

Its no secret that the home improvement sector is booming. Theres never been a better time to invest in a kitchen and bathroom franchise like Granite & TREND Transformati...

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Top Ten Traits of a Successful Franchise Owner

Have you got what it takes to grow your own business as a franchise owner? Without a doubt, joining a franchise is the safest and most reliable way to start your own business and ...

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Tapping into the growing eco-chic market

With Granite & TREND Transformations, you can have green credentials without compromising on the style and quality you can offer customers. Access to sustainable and enviro...

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A personal story from franchise owners, Dave and Helen

As you consider becoming a franchise owner, I believe it's always helpful to get insights into the experiences of existing franchisees. We talked to one of our owners to get the...

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I feel like I can be myself again.

For one of our newest partners, joining a franchise was the perfect opportunity to bounce back from redundancy. Whether it is by choice or just circumstances, there comes a time i...

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Another Top Industry Scoop for Granite & TREND!

After a year of record-breaking sales and expansion into new territories, the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise is basking in the glow of yet another prestigious award....

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Building your local brand

One of our newest franchise partners shows just how effective local advertising can be in promoting your new business. As someone interested in joining a franchise, you are probab...

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A leaner & greener route to a home renovation franchise that won’t cost the Earth.

Thanks to our commitment to promoting sustainability and conservation, becoming a partner in the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise means you do not have to compromise o...

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New HSBC fund offers a huge boost for future franchisees

In a landmark move set to help those interested in joining top franchises like Granite & TREND Transformations, HSBC announces new measures to help you finance that career chan...

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A Spring in our step! Why we're feeling so positive about the future at Granite & TREND

Innovation, support and resilience is key to our Kitchen and Bathroom Franchises bright future, according to Chief Operating Officer. In a recent webinar, COO Danny Hanlon di...

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From Crisis To Opportunity: Bouncing Back From Redundancy

Losing our jobs through no fault of our own is a nightmare scenario but what feels like the end may be just the beginning. Choosing to join a franchise like Granite & TREND Tra...

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Welcoming the newest member of our expert franchising team

With the appointment of a new senior leader to our team, the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise is continuing to build a support network that is designed with your succe...

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How Company Owned Stores Enhance our Franchise Training Programme

Our franchise network is the cornerstone of Granite & TREND Transformations success. By attracting talented individuals to join us with our tried and tested business mod...

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It's official: Granite & TREND Transformations is no. 44 in Elite Franchise's top 100!

Granite & TREND Transformations,a kitchen and bathroom renovation specialist made famous by its revolutionary Top that Fits on Top, has just been named asone ofElite Fran...

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Lockdown 2.0: There's never been a better time to join us!

On the face of it, the end of yet another lockdown with an uncertain winter ahead, may not seem like the best time to start your own business. For a franchise opportunity like Gran...

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Kitchen Franchise Brand Benefits from a surge in Home Improvements

Theres never been a better time to buy into a home improvement franchise, and theres never been a franchise business opportunity quite like Granite & TREND Transformation...

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A Big Welcome to our Three Newest Franchisees!

Recently, at Granite & TREND Transformations franchise headquarters, we were very proud to welcome our 3 newest franchisees as they successfully completed their franchise induc...

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Consumer Behaviour Change Post-Crisis

Join the Trend Groups Global VP of Marketing, Vanessa Conde, for a unique marketing insights webinar and interview that explores how customers behaviour has changed post COVI...

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Janet from Granite Wins a Telly Award!

We are pleased to announce that US based marketing agency, EGC, has won big at the 41st Annual Telly Awards, with multiple wins including a Silver Telly Award for the Janet from...

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E-Stone Corporation Expands Product Benefits With Antimicrobial Built-in Technology

etherium by E-Stone and Microban International announce exclusive partnership. E-Stone Corporation (Sebring, FL) and MicrobanInternational (Huntersville, NC) are excited to...

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Granite & TREND Transformations is named as one of the TOP 100 Franchises

Kitchen and Bathroom makeover specialist, Granite & TREND Transformations, is celebrating after being named one of the UKs best franchise businesses. The company, currently...

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Unleash the Designer in You: Introducing the Visualiser Tool from Granite & TREND Transformations

Granite & TREND Transformations are excited to announce the launch of our newest online design tool. With this tool our customers can design their ideal kitchen or bathroom mak...

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Trend Transformations Offers The Whole Package

Trend Transformations celebrates new partnership that will offer customers even better shower makeovers. Trend Transformations is known for its spectacular home makeovers that tak...

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Granite Transformations Goes Green

In an ongoing commitment to preserve the environment and promote sustainability, Granite Transformations manufactures and produces eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom methods to ensu...

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First-ever global conference for TREND Transformations

2017 has seen a number of firsts for the recently rebranded home renovation franchise, TREND Transformations and it's growing network of franchisees. Along with marketing bath...

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Derek from Bolton Moves to a Bigger Premises

Derek Delaney, franchise owner of Granite Transformations, recently relocated to a new premises on Marsden Road in Bolton. Trend Transformations Franchise Derek started his bus...

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