Welcome to Habcheck and the chance to change your life. The chance to enjoy working from home in the leisure industry, with nice customers and a great work / life balance. Our business is revolutionising a vital part of the leisure market and you can be a part of our success.

Take Control

Habcheck offers you the chance to take control of your life. You will work from home, decide how hard you wish to work, how many appointments you want, when you want to take holidays and days off and even your daily start and finish times. If you are currently fed up with a daily commute and being under the microscope all day, read on for a breath of fresh air…

Habcheck Franchise

A Nicer Way to Work

The role of an engineer with Habcheck does not require a high level of engineering qualifications or experience. An engineering background is preferred, but in fact, if you are proficient and confident at DIY, you will have the skills we require.

The nice thing about being a Habcheck technician is that it is “Clean” engineering work. The role is to inspect and report on the condition of caravans and the living areas of motorhomes. It doesn’t require lifting the bonnet or crawling under the vehicle!

The other great thing about our business is that you are dealing with nice motorhome and caravan owners. They respect you as a professional engineer and appreciate your service – as you will learn, you are a real problem solver for them.

We Make It Easy for You

We know that what our engineers enjoy doing is the hands-on task of inspecting motorhomes and caravans – not spending their time on marketing, administration, booking appointments, managing a diary, selling or any of the other things that come with running a small business. So, we do all of that for you. Literally all you need to do, is check your diary for your jobs, turn up and carry out the inspection.

Full Training and Support

As you would expect, we provide industry leading training and support for you. You will be trained to AWS standards and be fully qualified to carry out the role. You will receive one-to-one mentoring and all of the support you need to feel confident in your new role.

Habcheck Franchise

A Wide-Open Market

Now, here is the really interesting thing about our business. We are building the UK’s ONLY national network of motorhome and caravan service engineers. We are already the leading brand – in fact the only national brand. This business is a classic cottage industry that has just been waiting for someone to move it into the 21st century – and that someone is us. Our competition is a disparate group of white van men with no common standards or service levels. You can imagine the impact a professional national brand is having and why our service is in demand.

Build a Repeat Customer Base for Long Term Returns

This is an opportunity to build a long term business and secure your future. The motorhome and caravan market has only ever grown and it is forecast to continue growing. The increasing popularity of the stay at home holiday (due to a number of reasons) is really driving our market. The motorhome and caravan market is not a trend and it cannot be replaced by an app or technology!

Importantly, most of our customers become repeat customers. This means you will be building a secure, long term business. As local repeat business grows, you will be working closer and closer to home. Which means you can either spend less time on the road or more time doing appointments and earning more money – the choice is yours!

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