Human is a team of individuals working together for a common goal - to Humanise the Recruitment Industry. This opportunity offers you the best of both worlds. You build your own business, for yourself but not by yourself, while being part of a growing team of like-minded individuals. You'll gain... Read More

Start Your Own Recruitment Business

This is your chance to leverage the industry knowledge and network you’ve accumulated throughout your career as a recruiter and turn it into a lucrative business that brings you closer to your goals. If you want to create your own legacy while having the financial freedom and autonomy you desire, join Human and become a part of our family.

10 Reasons to Partner with Human Recruitment

1. Unlimited Earnings

Your earnings are bound only by your ambition.  You’ll keep a percentage of your billings, giving you realistic potential to earn 6 figures in your first year, with the opportunity to build a team and scale your business to 7 figures and beyond.

2. Life/Work Balance

As a Human Recruitment franchisee, you’re in complete control of when, where and with whom you work.  You can choose to work from home or an office.  You set your own hours.  You have total freedom to create the perfect life/work balance.

3. Take Charge of Your Own Destiny

Instead of making someone else wealthy, why not start creating your own legacy?  You might be making a comfortable living as a sales professional, manager or executive but ultimately, you’re building someone else’s business.

4. Own 100% of Your Business

We don’t take a share in your business, you retain 100% ownership and control.  That means you make the decisions, and reap the rewards.  Think carefully before you give a large chunk of equity to outside investors – you might regret it later especially if/when you sell the business.

5. Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

As a Human Franchisee, you get the best of both worlds.  You run your own business, while being part of a growing team of like minded individuals.  You gain the freedom and autonomy you desire without giving up the opportunities to socialize and collaborate with colleagues.

6. Build a Business You Can Sell

Most recruitment companies are “lifestyle” business which depend entirely on the owner’s contacts and sales skills.  As a Human franchisee, we’ll show you how to build a business that runs without your day-to-day involvement which you may decide to sell in the future.

7. Full Training and Ongoing Support

It doesn’t matter if you have no recruitment experience.  We’ll give you the training you need to be successful, plus ongoing mentoring and support every step of the way.  We’re dedicated to your success and have a specialist Recruitment Coach on staff to help you maximize your results.

8. World Class Technology

Your Start-Up package includes recruitment software (ATS and CRM), marketing automation tools, Learning Management System (LMS), cloud accounting, and best of all … HumanDNA our unique, multi-layered Candidate Assessment and Delivery Platform.

9. Reduced Operating Costs

Your turnkey, Start-Up package includes everything you need to launch your business successfully while keeping overheads low.  You leverage our buying power to get reductions in all essential costs such as office space (if needed), online advertising, etc.

10. Leverage Your Experience and Network

Most Human franchisees build a recruitment business serving the industry or profession they currently work in.  This enables you to leverage your market knowledge, experience and network with the support of an established recruitment consultancy behind you.

Ready To Grow Your Own Recruitment Business?

Deep down, you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss.  Isn’t it finally time to make that happen?

Interested in starting a Human Franchise?

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