Autosmart: The Premier UK Car Valeting Franchise

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Autosmart is a renowned franchise in the UK, specialising in providing a full range of car valeting services and products.

Established as a leader in the automotive care sector, it offers franchisees a turnkey business model focused on delivering high-quality car cleaning and maintenance solutions. Its proprietary cleaning products and equipment, which are sold to franchisees for use in their operations, are central to its business.

The Autosmart Franchise Business Model

Autosmart is a leader in providing a comprehensive range of car valeting products. These include cleaning agents, waxes, polishes, and tools necessary for vehicle upkeep.

Their business model is built on supplying these products to franchisees, offering high-quality valeting services. This model benefits franchisees by combining a reliable supply of in-demand products with the brand recognition of a market leader in car care.

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The History of Autosmart International

Autosmart International was founded in 1979 in the UK, with its innovative mobile van-based showrooms bringing cleaning products directly to customers.

The company catered to diverse industries far beyond car valeting, expanding from a small range of products to over 200 specialised items. This growth led to an international expansion, establishing Autosmart as a significant player in the global automotive care industry.

Autosmart has received numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a market leader.

Autosmart Products

Autosmart’s product line is the cornerstone of its success. These products include:

  • Tardis: A potent tar and adhesive remover, ideal for tough exterior cleaning tasks.
  • Biowash: An eco-friendly, biodegradable traffic film remover used for general exterior washing.
  • Craftex: An upholstery cleaner designed to effectively tackle fabric stains.
    Leather Cleaner: Specially formulated for cleaning and maintaining leather seats, ensuring they remain in top condition.
  • Glass Clear: Used for cleaning windows, leaving them streak-free.
  • Wheel Cleaner: Formulated to efficiently remove brake dust and road grime from alloy wheels.

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The Environmental Commitment of Autosmart

Autosmart leads in product innovation and environmental stewardship—a key selling point for eco-conscious franchisees.

The company has developed eco-friendly products like ‘Biowash’, a biodegradable traffic film remover. Additionally, Autosmart has implemented initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including recycling programs and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

The Future Prospects for Autosmart Franchisees

Looking to the future, the automotive industry is evolving with trends like electric and autonomous vehicles, and Autosmart is poised to adapt its product line and services to meet these new challenges.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, joining the Autosmart franchise means partnering with a brand committed to innovation and staying ahead of market trends.

How to Buy an Autosmart UK Franchise

To become a franchisee of Autosmart in the UK, you will need to follow several steps and consider various financial and operational aspects:

Initial Investment: Autosmart Franchise Cost

The minimum investment for starting an Autosmart franchise is around £20,000. This includes the £15,000 franchise fee but does not cover the cost of the mobile showroom or any working capital you might need. The total investment could approach £100,000, depending on various factors like the size of your territory.

Franchise Model

Autosmart operates on a van-based franchise model.

As a franchisee, you would have a mobile showroom stocked with over 200 cleaning products and accessories. Your role involves driving this showroom to customers, such as car cleaning businesses, vehicle rental companies, body shops, and others, to sell these products.

Training and Support

Autosmart provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees. This includes a five-day induction programme at the head office, covering product knowledge, market overview, and sales training.

A regional business manager also provides ongoing support and advice once you start operating.

Franchise Duration and Renewal

The initial franchise agreement with Autosmart typically lasts for five years, with the possibility of renewal for up to 30 years.

Customer Base

As a franchisee, you would inherit an existing customer base from the previous franchise owner and be entitled to seek new business within your territory.

Funding Support

If you require financial assistance, you can approach major banks with a business plan to seek a loan. Approval will depend on various factors, including your business plan’s strength and financial status.

Sales and Motor Trade Experience

While sales experience can be beneficial, it is not a strict requirement. Autosmart looks for individuals who are determined, enthusiastic, and willing to work hard to make their business succeed.

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Exclusive Territory

Each franchisee operates within an exclusive territory, ensuring you are the only authorised seller of Autosmart products in that area.

Selling the Franchise

If you wish to sell your franchise before the end of the five-year term, you are free to do so.

Find Auto Franchises with Franchise Local

While only some franchisees can immediately invest in Autosmart, they can take lessons from the company. Finding a trusted franchise with a strong business model and robust product line is crucial.

At Franchise Local, we’ll provide you with several automotive industry options. While the options may be less pronounced than Autosmart, they’re trusted brands on their way up the market. A few of our options include:

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