Top 8 Automotive Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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From car dealership franchises to owning your own valet franchise, the opportunities to run a money-making business within the automotive industry are vast.

Within the car industry, you’ll find constant change and new opportunities. Entering the automotive industry gives you not only access to the current market but also an ocean of potential growth. With record numbers of new vehicles on the road, investing in an automotive franchise could be the best business decision you will ever make.

Savvy owners of automotive franchises have real opportunities to grow their business as technology and industry norms adapt. With development and expansion across the automotive sector, consumers need new businesses to help run and manage demand.

The services needed to support the evolving industry range widely. From the purchase decisions that come with car ownership to the services dependent on vehicle type and customer lifestyle, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be tapped into.

From the outside, identifying the right opportunity for yourself can be a difficult task. Fortunately, we’ve got the experience and expertise to point you in the right direction.

Here are Franchise Local’s top 8 automotive franchise opportunities in the UK.

Franchise Local's Top 8 Automotive Franchise Opportunities

1. Driver Hire Franchise

Since launching in 1983, Driver Hire has become one of the UK’s leading specialist logistics recruiters, providing businesses with highly skilled drivers and non-driving temporary staff. They’ve established an incredibly robust central support system that provides franchisees with top tips and training, setting them up for success.

With an average franchise turnover of over £1.2 million (three times the industry average) and yearly net profits of over £140,000, Driver Hire is one of the fastest-growing automotive franchises available today.

Woman repairing windscreen

2. Screen Rescue Franchise

Nothing can ruin your day quite like a newly broken windscreen. Fortunately, Screen Rescue is the UK’s leading Commercial Windscreen and Glass Repairs franchise, providing commercial fleet clients with state-of-the-art repair quality care and world-renowned customer care.

Screen Rescue has established itself as one of the premier caretakers of the UK’s commercial vehicle industry, now worth nearly £30 billion and growing each year. If you decide to become a member of their team, you’ll receive extensive training whilst becoming connected to their extensive client base of commercial vehicles requiring regular maintenance and glass repair.

3. Optic-Kleer Franchise

Similar to Screen Rescue, Optic-Kleer specialises in windscreen repair, albeit on the consumer level as opposed to commercial. Job satisfaction is high as Optic-Kleer owner-operators fix consumers’ favourite vehicles while they shop for groceries and clothes. By the time the customer has completed their errands, you’ve fully repaired their car and they can drive off without a hitch.

With a low investment level of less than £20,000, owner-operators are given tremendous growth potential with little up-front debt. At an average work pace of around 5 windscreen repairs a day, Optic-Kleer owner-operators can expect to make around £5,500 a month, a hefty sum with very little traditional overhead.

4x4 Vehicle Hire Franchise

4. 4×4 Vehicle Hire Franchise

4×4 Vehicle Hire is a luxury car hire franchise within the self-drive hire market. 4×4 Vehicle Hire has been an established franchise for over 10 years. With a rise in UK tourism and the demand for 4×4 vehicles growing year on year, 4×4 Vehicle Hire gives you the perfect opportunity to franchise your local territory with a practical car & van rental service.

The business model focuses on high-end 4x4s, as well as pickup trucks. It operates both in the private sector and corporate sector, meaning you can grow your franchise area quickly and sustainably within your investment while offering practical car hires to a customer base you care about.

5. Habcheck Franchise

As the UK’s only national network of motorhome and caravan service engineers, Habcheck is seeking to create and dominate the motorhome service market in the UK. This motorhome service franchise is seeking more than just the typical white-coat engineer; Habcheck is also looking for energetic entrepreneurs with a strong DIY background and keen eye.

Habcheck provides industry-leading training matching AWS standards and even offers one-on-one mentoring to help you fulfill expectations and excel in your new franchisee role.

As franchisees grow with Habcheck, they’ll build upon a growing network of returning customers and relationships, all while conducting “clean” engineering work and keeping their schedules flexible.

6. Revive! Franchise

That deep scratch on your brand-new sports car might not be unsalvageable after all. Revive! is an award-winning cars franchise offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own thriving multi-van SMART repair business.

The SMART repair industry has exceptional potential for growth, with over 50% of the UK’s 37 million vehicles requiring paint or mechanical repair to the wheels or bodywork.

Revive! offers a proven, four-step business model that helps new franchisees develop their local contacts, grow their business to generate passive income, scale up throughout different territories, and eventually form a smooth and safe exit plan.

Men repairing engine as automotive franchise

7. Snap-On Tools Franchise

If you like solving problems with your hands and getting your fingernails dirty, then Snap-on Tools just might be the franchise car opportunity for you. This mobile tool franchisor builds upon over 100 years of experience to provide industry-leading tools for forward-looking mechanics and DIY vehicle owners.

Snap-on Tools allows you to bring exceptional products directly to professionals in their mobile, iconic showroom. With a low franchise fee and minimal overhead, the potential for growth with Snap-on Tools is sky-high.

In fact, there are no employee expenses associated with ownership until you decide you need to hire a professional assistant to maximize growth. Snap-on Tools offers an in-house bank to provide low-cost business loans to fund the purchase of your franchise and get your dreams on the road where they belong!

8. The Wheel Specialist Franchise

The Wheel Specialist is the largest and longest-established brand in the industry, claiming its status as the market leader in alloy wheel refurbishment.

The Wheel Specialist boasts a well-developed franchise model that combines their franchisees’ determination with support, training, and guidance. The strength of The Wheel Specialist lies in the quality of service offered to customers and their cars.

Having refurbished over a million wheels, The Wheel Specialist provides everything you’ll need to know about your new business.

Repairman entering automotive franchise

Find Your Automotive Franchise With Franchise Local

Since its popularisation in the early 20th century, the automobile has changed how we live. It’s enabled us to cover wide swaths of land and afforded us tremendous financial opportunity.

Over the past couple of years, many of us have forgotten the freedom that automotives give us. Well, it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat.

Browse our extensive list of van-based franchises to discover how you can transform your financial life with a new set of wheels. To learn everything there is to know about other franchise opportunities in the UK, dive into our news page and discover the future of franchising and whether a kid-friendly franchise is right for you.

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