How to Start A Burger King Franchise In the UK

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With franchising on the rise, opening a Burger King franchise may be your key to success.

Burger King is one of the UK’s top franchises. The franchise sees over 11 million daily guests and an international customer base. But while jumping into the company may seem ideal, the qualifications are challenging– especially for a first-time franchisee.

This article will explain what it takes to become a proud Burger King owner and how you can franchise.

Why Franchising is Worth Your Time

Franchising isn’t just for corporate elites. The model is accessible to all and can offer great potential for any would-be franchisee.

The ideal franchise offers a reliable customer base and a proven business model. The franchisee’s most significant task is finding the right franchise for them. Once they sign the franchise agreement– and pay their initial franchise fee– the franchisor will lead them through the most challenging steps: putting them through training and assisting in hiring and training. Before long, they should start seeing a return on their investment.

Based on these qualifications, the Burger King franchise’s smashing success may seem like an ideal place to start. Let’s explore.

The History of Burger King

Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida. The now-famous brand was once coined ‘Insta Burger-King’ before changing its name a year later.

The company soon expanded, seeing incredible growth worldwide: Burger King’s notoriously successful brand touts 15,000 outlets in 100 countries. They offer 74 Burger King restaurants in the UK alone.

The company uses 100% beef burgers on flame grills. Their most famous product is the Whopper: an internationally recognised burger.

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How to Open a Burger King

As far as franchising is concerned, the Burger King franchise has done everything right.

With these growth rates, any potential franchisee would love to be part of the franchise and profitability. Unfortunately, Burger King’s success makes it challenging to franchise.

Burger King Franchise Cost

The company’s success allows them to be picky with their franchisees. At the moment, Burger King is not currently recruiting franchisees.

Even if you got a foot in the door, the franchise fee is no small price. The minimum investment for a Burger King franchise is £250,000 – with a total investment of £800,000.

The monthly gross sales may be high, but that’s a hefty fee for a first-time franchisee.

Great Fast Food Franchises

Great Fast Food Franchises

For a first-time franchisee, the Burger King franchise may be out of reach.

Don’t let that get you down. The fast-food industry is still highly profitable and can offer sweeping success. Any good franchisor would say you don’t need to open a McDonald’s or a Domino’s to see a financial return. A smaller franchise is the perfect opportunity to get started and involved with a growing company.

Our Franchise List

We’ve assembled a list of our favourite fast-food franchises. Consider a few of these options:

Wing Kingz

Minimum Investment: £25,000
Wing Kingz was established in 2021 and now offers several locations across the UK. This low-cost company provides a wide range of foods, from delectable wings to tasty burgers.

MeriGo Piri Piri

Minimum Investment: £90,000
MeriGo Piri Piri targets a hole in the market by offering the best in Piri Piri chicken. The company was established in 2019– potential franchisees would create early relationships by starting to align now.


Minimum Investment: £30,000
Since 2016, MakHalal has seen much success, with nine outlets across the UK. The franchise targets another hole in the market, aiming to offer authentic Halal.

You can get involved with the brand for a low cost, with low risks. The brand promises a break-even rate of 18 months.

Madison’s Restaurant

Minimum Investment: £25,000
Madison’s Restaurant is a critically-acclaimed American-style restaurant. This franchise touches on many of the same positives as Burger King, offering delectable burgers. Again, the franchise is low-cost and promises a break-even rate of 1 year.

No matter what franchise you choose, don’t dive in blindly. Talk to your potential franchisor and ensure you align with your values and goals. You’ll want to find a franchise you can be passionate about and proud of. Before signing a franchise agreement, it may also be wise to talk to an attorney. Make sure your contract is best suited to your needs.

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Start Your Franchise Journey with Franchise Local

We don’t all have the resources to open a Burger King franchise. If you’re just starting franchising, it’d be best to dip your feet in the water and get acquainted with more accessible options.

At Franchise Local, we offer the best options. Our franchise directory contains several industries, from Automotive to Cleaning. A big part of the business world is knowledge. Follow our blog for the best tips on franchising, from how to open a franchise with no money to the top #8 cleaning franchises.

If you’re still looking for other franchises, consider the International Franchise Show. This conference allows access to many franchisors and franchisees. You’ll have the opportunity to network, hear panels, and find other companies more accessible than Burger King.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure to help you on your journey. In the meantime, keep working your way up to Burger King. You’ll be a franchising pro in no time.

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