What Is the Cheapest Franchise To Start?

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When it comes to starting your own franchise, it can be difficult to find one that suits your interest, location and skill set. However, the area that most commonly puts people of franchise opportunities is the start-up costs that can be exorbitant. When you consider that the typical start-up cost is well over £20,000, it’s not surprising that people can’t afford to go into business by themselves.

We have worked to find franchises that come in under £10,000, with some costing nothing at all to start with if you use their financing options.

Many of the cheapest franchise opportunities to start cover industries such as:

When you find one you like, make sure you check out the details to see what ongoing costs you will need to pay and how the franchisor will help you to make the most of your new venture. Rather than letting the expensive franchises put you off, try out something smaller and see what you can make of it. In a bid to level the playing field we’ve found the cheapest franchises in the UK for you to consider.

Tubz Brands

Have you been begged by your child for money to purchase a tub of snacks? Well, you can now buy an entire franchise of them starting at just £3,295. This franchise is all about hitting the snack market hard, and you will get access to specific locations where you can site your machines. There are no management or royalty fees; all you have to do is pay for your replacement stock as you need it.

So confident is the Tubz Brands franchisor they will even give you all your marketing and accounting paperwork free as well as apparel to give you the corporate look you need. When you have undergone the initial installation and training, you can expect to spend around two hours per week serving your machines (based on owning ten), and this will include liaising with customers, placing orders and marketing your stock.

365 Recruitment

If you have skills in recruitment but want to start your own business, then 365 Recruitment may be a perfect choice. Whilst their initial franchise fee is £30,000, they say that you can get government funding for 90% so that the cost to you would only be £3,000. The business model you are buying into is a recruitment service that provides recruitment support to all areas of the job market and will allow you to access a huge potential client base whilst helping people into work.

When you choose this franchise, you can expect to get a huge support package that will get you up and running as well as an entire postcode region so that you don’t need to worry about the franchisor setting you up with unwanted competition. 365 Recruitment is a proven franchise, with many people now making lots of money through this venture.

Dream Clean Ovens

Are you in awe of how much an oven cleaning service makes from doing the job that many homeowners prefer not to do themselves? Dream Clean Ovens was set up as a low cost franchise opportunity that is growing in popularity. The initial investment is just £5000, and you will only need to pay a £250 monthly management fee to get this business off the ground.

As part of their commitment to you, the Dream Clean Ovens team will give you full training, a three month starter package and a territory with around 100,000 homes for you to sell your services to. This type of franchise will allow you to work for yourself without the worry of building a brand name in a market area that is full of new start-ups.

Puncture Safe

If you have experience in the automotive industry or want to build up a business that helps people when they need it most, then Puncture Safe is a great choice. The initial cost can be as low as £1,499, and there is no ongoing management fees or royalties to pay, meaning that any profit you make is yours alone.

One of the best parts about this franchise opportunity is that you get your own territory to work out of and can be certain that no other Puncture Safe businesses will enrich into your client list. We all need to replace tyres at some point, and by getting a franchise in this area, you will be tapping into a lot of potential sales without having to find huge start-up fees.

The Core Asset Franchise

If you have no savings to start a franchise but do have the skills in the business sectors, then the Core Asset Franchise may be the perfect choice for you. This franchise does not require you to pay any fees upfront or any royalties; instead, you pay a monthly subscription fee that covers your costs to use the business model and branding to get your mentoring business up and running.

A business mentor provides support to both businesses and employees, helping them to get the best from the people they employ and finding ways to grow their business. You will get to enjoy mentoring others so that they can reach their goals and improve their performance. As you will be providing a consultancy service rather than working directly as an employee, you will be able to work towards a £400 per hour fee when you help businesses grow.

Cheap Franchises

Are Cheap Franchises Worth It?

There is a notion that a cheap franchise is not worth spending your time on, but we don’t agree with that. If you can find an opportunity that shows off your skills and talents, you will be able to build a business model that is profitable. Whilst initially it may be hard work with long hours, a franchise has the potential to set you up for life.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you have a low or no budget, then you can’t become a franchisee; take your time to find a cheap opportunity and then prove all the doubters wrong!

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