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Cardea Healthcare is a leading provider of Supported Living and Home Care services dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need. With a commitment to compassion, excellence, and personalised care, Cardea Healthcare is a beacon of support and hope in the healthcare industry.

Cardea Healthcare Franchise


Our high standards begin from stage one with recruitment; all our carers undergo the following:

  • Thorough screenings
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • DBS and reference checks
  • Proof of qualifications and training
  • Adherence to Skills for Care guidelines.

Care is a demanding industry. Our understanding of this makes us sympathetic and dependable in an ever-changing industry.


There are numerous benefits to franchising with Cardea. You won’t have to worry about cash flow, as we will introduce you to our reliable factoring partner. Since 2017, we’ve worked with them so franchise partners and their carers can be reassured of always being paid at the right time. Meanwhile, your clients pay their invoices through the factoring partner’s systems.

Further benefits include:

  • Our reliability through high-quality care and recruitment services, along with a commitment to stringent standards
  • We have a staffed out-of-hours service available to all clients and service users, 24/7/365
  • We design bespoke care plans for each end user - some of which require full-time care – on an ongoing basis that can last for years, so our end users get exactly what they need
  • We’ll show you how to establish and nurture relationships with crucial NHS Trusts and Local Authorities personnel to secure care packages efficiently.

Cardea Healthcare Franchise


Our Mission is to empower individuals to live their best lives, regardless of their unique challenges or circumstances.

Cardea Healthcare takes a holistic approach, recognising that everyone we serve is a whole person with unique needs, preferences, and aspirations. Our services extend beyond basic assistance; we provide comprehensive, person-centred care that nurtures physical, emotional and social well-being.

One of our core service offerings is Supported Living, where we enable individuals to maintain independence within their homes. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients, their families and support networks to create customised care plans that align with individual aspirations and goals.

We’ve designed our Home Care services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, encompassing a wide range of support, including:

  • Personal Care: Assistance with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication management, delivered with dignity and respect.
  • Companionship: Building meaningful relationships and providing emotional support to combat loneliness and enhance overall well-being. This can include accompanying individuals on holidays and cruises.
  • Specialised Care: Tailored support for individuals with learning disabilities, mental health challenges, children with complex needs, and end-of-life care.
  • Live-in Care: Continuous, around-the-clock care ensures safety and comfort for those requiring 24/7 assistance.

Cardea Healthcare Franchise


The backbone of Cardea Healthcare is our dedicated team of care staff – highly trained professionals who are compassionate and truly care about the well-being of our clients.

They provide more than just physical assistance; they offer companionship, emotional support, and a reassuring presence to those they serve. We will teach you the key characteristics to look for when recruiting staff who share our values.

We understand that our responsibility extends beyond the doors of our clients’ homes. We engage in community outreach programs, educational initiatives and partnerships to promote awareness, inclusivity and a culture of care.


We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to help each franchisee fulfil their unique promise as part of our network. We will:

  • Train and guide you through our systems and processes and those of the regulators
  • Assist you with getting set up on and communicating with CQC
  • Give you access to our proven technology systems
  • Help with tenders and bids and teach you how to sell
  • Assist with winning spot contracts without getting bogged down in frameworks
  • Show you how to write, implement and maintain bespoke care plans
  • Train and support you on carer recruitment
  • Explain how to establish, build and maintain fruitful relationships
  • Introduce you to our factoring partner, who will manage to get the money paid in
  • Assist you with troubleshooting potential issues before they become real problems
  • Offer ongoing training whenever you or your team require it
  • Share and advise on the latest health & safety policies, legislation and risk assessments
  • Regularly work with you “on” the business
  • Set up opportunities to unite franchisees to share ideas and best practices.

Cardea Healthcare Franchise


You will operate and manage the business on a day-to-day basis, employing a team of caregivers. Reputation is key to building the client base, and response times and honesty are paramount.

The highlights of your role will include:

  • Building relationships with your NHS Trust and Local Authority
  • Establishing and maintaining a team of carers that will do the work to the required standards and live by our values
  • Bidding for and winning tenders and contracts
  • Arranging carers for spot contracts
  • Growing the business via recommendations and referrals, especially for private client work
  • Providing permanent and temporary staff for care organisations
  • Working in close partnership with Cardea Healthcare Franchise Head Office to grow together and learn from each other.
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