With 70 showrooms now open, Dream Doors is the UK's largest franchised kitchen door replacement company. An award-winning franchise with EIGHT Franchise Marketing Awards and a former BFA Brand Builder of the Year.

Earn a six-figure income with this
multi-award-winning full BFA member franchise


Dream Doors

Annual net profits of £100,000+ are being achieved right now. So you can rest assured that, if you work hard, you'll earn a substantial income.

But what brings you to this site today? Is it just about the money, or are there other factors important to you? Do you want to:

  • Escape from your current employment?
  • Be the boss and be in control of your future?
  • Enjoy a fresh start after redundancy or retirement?
  • Spend more time with your family, or work closer to home?
  • Build an asset to sell or to boost your income after retirement?

You can have all of this running your own Dream Doors franchise.

And you DON'T NEED any kitchen industry experience or practical skills.

So, who are Dream Doors and what do they do?


With more than 70 showrooms across the country, and over to 50,000 projects completed to date, Dream Doors is the UK's largest and most successful kitchen facelift retailer.

Average annual sales from a franchised showroom is now £500,000+. With your commitment and determination, and our proven business model, you can achieve MORE THAN £1MILLION in yearly turnover and earn a healthy six-figure income.

Dream Doors has built a reputation for ethical trading, integrity and award-winning support. With 13 industry trophy-wins to date, we are:

  • Full members of the British Franchise Assocation (bfa)
  • Winner's of the bfa's Best Franchisee Recruitment Award
  • A former bfa Brand Builder of Year
  • FOUR time finalists in the bfa's Franchisor of the Year Awards
  • Winners in the government-backed National Training Awards
  • EIGHT time winners in the Franchise Marketing Awards
  • Accredited by the independent monitoring scheme, Checkatrade

Dream Doors

Dream Doors

Record sales & growth, whatever the economic climate!


Brand turnover has trebled in the last five years with like-for-like sales anually as well. Last year we saw some stellar individual monthly performances:

  • £121,016 by Woking & Guildford in January
  • £128,879 by Cambridge in February
  • £101,342 by Newbury in March
  • £130,078 by Oxford in May
  • £139,078 by Poole in July
  • £101,374 by Belfast in September
  • £137,907 by Norwich in February
  • £114,310 by North Wiltshire in March
  • £100,778 by Rutland in March
  • £93,983 by Wakefield in May
  • £126,880 by Southampton in August
  • £113,990 by Salisbury in October
Dream Doors

£1.15 million sold in the last year!

Top of the tree last year were Clive and Angela of Dream Doors Poole who sold £1,153,397 – their third £1million+ year in succession!

Why is there so much demand for Dream Doors?


A kitchen facelift is popular with customers for three key reasons:

  1. It saves money – typically half the price of an average kitchen
  2. It saves time – it can be fitted in just a day or two
  3. It saves upheaval – which means much less mess in the home

And with 80% of jobs bought by people in their 60s or older, Dream Doors has a core customer base that is growing, that is less affected by any economic uncertainty and has disposable income to spend.

Dream Doors

Dream Doors

Remember, this is NOT a hands-on business


At Dream Doors, we help you find the perfect kitchen installation team who, typically, will work for you on a sub-contracted basis. That means you can focus on what you do best – meeting customers and running your business.

Helen Mahon, who owns the Norfolk franchise with husband, Philip, has just signed up for a third term of their franchise. Says Helen: “I'd never done anything like this before. Running a business, selling and working in the kitchen industry were all very new to me. Yes it was a steep learning curve, but it was also an exciting challenge. And it was definitely the right career move; I’d never felt so excited, enthusiastic or inspired by work before!”

Helen & Philip sell more than £600,000 a year from their Norwich-based showroom.

Dream Doors

Training, support and continuing development


Our award winning training* is vital to your success as a Dream Doors franchisee. You'll receive a 12-week induction programme, covering all aspects of running a successful kitchen business, including:

Dream Doors
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Finance

You'll also have regular – and ongoing – visits from one of our five in-territory support managers, all experienced in kitchens, sales, training and business coaching.

Lak Deol, of Dream Doors Reading & Wokingham, said: "It was the best training I've ever been on. The Business Development Managers couldn't be more helpful. Everything has gone at the timescale presented to us; it's been such a positive start!”

Find out how an ex-teacher sold £500k in her first year!

Your local showroom matched with big-brand credibility


Working from home to begin with (just while you learn the ropes), you'll be managing your own Dream Doors showroom within six months. And, since our success is directly related to yours, everything we do is geared up to getting you selling and making money as quickly as possible!

Why the more you sell, the less you pay

Dream Doors

Dream Doors only gets paid when you make a sale, through management services fees based on franchisees' turnover. These fees are reduced once annual targets are met, so that the more you sell, the less you pay.

“Since joining Dream Doors I've never looked back. I'm in charge of my career and, at last, I'm able to balance my work and my life! I'd recommend a franchise to anyone else who wants to build something for the future.”

Craig Allen – Dream Doors Wealden.

What you need to do next


Are you serious about running your own business?

Do you want to be part of a brand that is the biggest name in its sector, and benefit from award-winning training and support?

Do you want to earn a six-figure income (some franchise owners have achieved that by year two, lots of others by year three)?

If you are motivated, resilient and comfortable in a managerial role – and you have liquid capital of at least £30,000 to kick start your new business – our team would love to hear from you today.

Interested in starting a Dream Doors Franchise?

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