InXpress has its origins in the world's largest business management franchise in the transportation industry.

Could You Take Advantage of a Proven, Global Franchise?

InXpress gives you the opportunity to build a flexible business with the backing and support of a global franchise system. Our scalable franchise opportunity gives you a business that you can build to suit your lifestyle choices.

InXpress is one of the world's largest franchisors of worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services.

We are the number one reseller of express courier services offering solutions for internal and domestic express services.

Our franchisees offer express, freight and mail services through world-class carriers that customers know and trust.

InXpress, a global franchise opportunity

We now have over 50 UK franchisees, all with a reputation for their top-quality services, world-class customer care and competitive prices.

Our franchisees can choose to make a comfortable living or to achieve comfortable wealth in order to reach their goals and dreams. With strong growth, huge profit potential and low risk, this is the ideal franchise opportunity to put your skills and experience to best use.

"I've known about franchising for quite a while and I'm reassured by the fact that 95% of franchisees are still in business after five years. New businesses often fail before the initial five years," Bill Carter, Liverpool franchisee since 2008.

What's Your Advantage?

There are many advantages to becoming an InXpress franchisee:

  • Expertise in the transport industry
  • Long history
  • Global support network
  • Market-leading services
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Scalable business

Not only that, we provide you with everything you need to get your business off the ground and ready to build as you wish.

Our franchise model has been delivering profits for franchisees since 1999 and we're proud to boast a 93% franchise success rate. We are now a respected partner to global carriers and deliver great results and customer service. With a long history in managing successful businesses, we're in the best position to train and support our franchisees in running a sales and management franchise. With over 250 franchisees worldwide, you can ensure that we have the systems and processes in place to help you deliver the very best customer service to customers in all corners of the world.


"InXpress gives you a business concept and plan that you can run with. All you need is the right work ethic to deliver and make the business successful. There's a model in place so you don't have to reinvent the wheel - that was the biggest attraction for me," Lendy Mazur, Salisbury franchisee since February 2013.

Global Support

Not only do we have a global network, we offer support on a global scale too. Our support package includes:

  • Initial training at our support centre
  • Ongoing training
  • Field support visits
  • Franchise development programme
  • Franchisee mentoring system
  • Dedicated franchise support
  • Free training for sales reps
  • Marketing tools
  • Networking

Although you are in business for yourself, you will never be in the business by yourself.

"I chose to franchise with InXpress because it's like someone's got their arm around you. I also liked the fact that you didn't need a lot to run the business. You can run it from home, an office, or anywhere in the world as long as you've got an internet connection." Kully Sahota, Peterborough franchisee since October 2012.

Low overheads = high earning potential

The initial fee for an InXpress franchise is £35,000 plus working capital. Within the franchise package, we include everything you need to get your business off the ground quickly and successfully. Your business can be run from home or from an office space and you don't need space to store vans or parcels. This means that overheads are low, giving you the advantage of being able to grow the business in any way you wish to.

You will become the owner of a business that represents a significant capital asset in a relatively short period of time. Every time your customer sends a parcel, you will make a profit on each consignment. InXpress is a true residual income business; exciting and financially rewarding.

"With InXpress you don't buy or sell stock so the business has low overheads and you don't lose money on damaged stock. You're selling the services of world-branded products and it's much easier to sell DHL services than white van. E-commerce is booming at the moment because more and more people are now buying online," Craig Atkins, franchisee since 2007.

Are You InXpress Material?

We're looking for franchisees who:

  • Are sales-minded
  • Have an aptitude for business
  • Enjoy selling and marketing their services
Man at computer, researching InXpress franchise

By partnering your drive, commitment and enthusiasm with our backup, support and concept, we're confident that you will have the recipe for a successful and profitable business with the freedom you've been looking for.

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