#5 American Fast Food Chains in the UK

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The UK offers many famed fast food chains, from Triple Two Coffees to Wing Kingz. However, if you’re a franchisee, you may be interested in looking outside the norm, like American fast food chains.

After all, America is the king of fast food chains, with over 200,000 offerings nationwide and a $330 billion dollar worth. In this article, we’ll break down the UK’s American fast food offerings, from McDonald’s to Burger King, and show why you may want to stick with your local favorites.

American Restaurants in the UK

Are you looking for some international selections? Here’s a list of the biggest US chains in the United Kingdom. You may be surprised to learn just how many popular American brands exist in restaurant chains across the UK.

5 American Fast Food Chains

#1 McDonald’s

There may not be a more immediately recognizable fast food chain than McDonald’s. You don’t have to live in America to recognize Ronald and the golden arches. The company is famous for its fast, cheap food, including the renowned Big Mac.

McDonald’s hosts over 40,000 restaurants globally, making it one of the world’s highest-grossing franchises.

#2 Subway

Subway is America’s premiere sandwich shop, but it also appears worldwide.

Most know the distinctly familiar experience of watching your favorite sandwich get made at a Subway, but did you know this company sports 43,000 stores across 110 companies?

#3 Dominos

If you’re looking for an acclaimed pizza shop, you can’t do much better than Domino’s.

This US-based pizza company shows up heavily throughout the United Kingdom. Domino’s is famous for its pizza and pasta– enough to have 1,000 stores in over 90 countries.

#4 Five Guys

Five Guys is a premiere fast food chain with a reputation for high-quality food. Non-believers will quickly be swayed by their delicious Char-Burger and chocolate malts.

After just 30 years, Five Guys sports 1,700 locations, with another 1,500 in development– UK included.

#5 KFC

You don’t have to be from the US to recognize Colonel Sanders. The company is famous for its fried chicken and hearty doses of fries and mac-n-cheese.

Hungry customers can find KFC globally, as the restaurant boasts nearly 14,000 establishments across 112 countries.

Additional American Fast Food Chain Restaurants in the UK

The list doesn’t stop there. Most American fast food restaurant chains offer UK Options. Peruse the following list for a closer look at what you can find.

  • Taco Bell
  • Wing Stop
  • Little Caesar’s
  • Burger King
  • Five Guys

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities, don’t be. Let’s step back and help hone which options may be best for you. If you’re at the start of your franchise journey, the answer may not be what you expect.

Fast Food Fried Chicken

American Fast Food Franchise Downsides

Acquiring an American fast food franchise doesn’t come without faults. Namely, these brands have an outstanding reputation and an astounding customer base. While this may seem optimistic, it makes acquiring a first-time franchisee harder.

Take a look at these chains’ minimum investments.

  • McDonald’s – £110,000
  • Subway – £45,000-£110,000
  • Dominos – £70,000
  • Five Guys – £300,000-£500,000
  • KFC – £5 million

If you’re new to franchising (as most of us are), you may not have a spare £100,000 around. Even if you do, these franchises won’t let you right in. Heavily established brands want to ensure they’re finding the right franchisees, meaning a rigorous search for qualified people.

The candidate will likely need a strong history of successful franchising. If you don’t have that– you’re out of luck.

Restaurant Chains in the UK

If you can’t swing a massive fast-food chain, we encourage you to explore our other opportunities.

We offer 37 unique food franchises. While these franchises may be less renowned than their American fast food counterparts, they provide excellent places to start for a would-be franchisee.

The following food options offer low-cost investments with huge potential:

As you work to your first successful franchises, you’ll grow with these companies, helping to expand and secure a customer base.

With each, you’ll build your reputation and acquire the tools to take on the most popular franchises.

Follow the Trends with Franchise Local

At Franchise Local, we’ll give you the skills to take on all your favorite food franchises. Nothing is out of reach; you’ll likely just have to work to develop yourselves and your brand. Before franchising, make sure you know what you want.

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Stay knowledgeable with our Tips and Advice. We’ll show you the 7 best ways to find and open your very own fast food franchise and the 37 best food franchises in the UK. Our Ultimate Guide packs all the information you need into one comprehensive page. You’d be well-advised to check it out.

While top American fast food chains may be out-of-reach, you’ll find much luck in smaller, growing franchises. We’ll help you get there.

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