Introducing Matt Fowler – Franchise Recruitment Manager

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Meet our new Franchise Recruitment Manager – Matt Fowler.

At ServiceMaster Brands UK, we’ve welcomed a new team member to our expert support staff – Matt Fowler, our new Franchise Recruitment Manager.

Matt’s role is recruiting new franchisees to our franchise networks and helping aspirational business owners understand which brand best aligns with their skill sets and aspirations to reach their dreams of self-actualisation and business excellence.

Before joining ServiceMaster, Matt’s career crossed various sectors, including Health & Fitness, Franchising & Financial Services. Working within these sectors, Matt picked up several qualifications, including as a Personal Trainer and Financial Advisor.

“On a personal level, I’m a proponent of lifelong learning and am never too far from a nonfiction or revision book,” Matt says.

When not reading or studying, Matt enjoys travelling with his wife and daughter and (when time allows) running and strength training.

Our Digital Content Writer, Tom Page, sat down with Matt during his first few days at the brand-new ServiceMaster House to see what drew Matt to ServiceMaster and how he plans to grow the franchisee base with high-calibre, ambitious and coachable franchisees.

What made you want to do something new?

“With a background in Franchise Development previously, I’m very aware of the positive impact that can be achieved through operating a business. I truly believe the best investment someone can make to develop their wealth and change their lifestyle is active business ownership, and franchising provides the perfect opportunity and environment for that to be realised.”

Why did you go down the franchising route?

“The energy, diversity of people and ever-evolving dynamic of franchising was a great appeal.”

Why did you choose ServiceMaster?

“There are several reasons, though the main one is related to the long history ServiceMaster has as a Franchisor, the opportunity to work across multiple brands and the vision Alan Lewin and Emma Nicholson described throughout my conversations with them before joining the business.”

What are you looking forward to?

“Based on everything Alan and Emma described during my conversations with them so far, I feel we have a huge opportunity across several of our Brands. I am looking forward to developing our recruitment process and introducing more people to the ServiceMaster network.”

What is the most valuable advice you could give someone looking to buy a franchise?

“Do your research! There are countless opportunities within Franchising, and a prospective franchisee must understand that the business model provided matches the type of business model they want to be a part of – Are they looking for an investment opportunity, a scalable management opportunity or an owner-operator opportunity – at ServiceMaster, we’re keen to work with entrepreneurs who want to develop and grow a business into something that has real impact through the great service it provides for customers, the employment opportunities it can provide to the local community and the financial rewards it can provide to the franchisee.”

In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?  

“In a word: Coachability. Many attributes go to making a successful franchisee, though without the willingness to be coached by the Brand Leader and Senior Leaders within the business, it is very difficult for a franchisee to achieve the level of success the opportunity can provide.”

What are your aspirations for the future?

“I am excited by the opportunity ServiceMaster has across its multiple brands and introducing more people to our network over the next three years. I aspire to grow the franchisee base with high-calibre, ambitious and coachable franchisees. Outside of ServiceMaster, my aspiration for 2024 is to complete the Peak District Ultra Challenge Series, a 100km run/walk challenge in under 15 hours.”

Want to grow a thriving franchise business?

To learn more about our franchise offerings and the growth available through all of our distinguished brand opportunities, contact Matt by booking a meeting with him, call or email us to see available opportunities near you today.

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