#9 Bubble Tea Franchises in the UK

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Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has gained popularity in recent years as a unique and refreshing beverage option. In result, bubble tea franchises have popped up all over the UK, offering customers a variety of flavors and customization options to suit their tastes.

In general, Cafe and Coffee franchises are on the rise, offering a potential boom for any would-be franchisee. Whether you take on one of the most popular or smaller fast start-ups, you’ll be sure to take off in no time.

This article will explore the UK’s seven most popular franchises and plenty of low-cost cafe options. You’ll be sure to find the right bubble tea franchise for you.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a famous Taiwanese beverage that originated in the 1980s and has gained worldwide popularity recently.

It typically consists of a tea base, usually black or green tea, mixed with milk or fruit juice and sweeteners and often served with chewy tapioca pearls or other creative toppings like fruit jelly or popping boba. Bubble tea is known for its unique texture and fun, colorful appearance, making it a refreshing and enjoyable drink option for many.

9 Cafe and Coffee Franchises in the UK

Best Bubble Tea Franchises in the UK

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee for a bubble tea franchise in the UK, you should know the most popular franchises. Here are some of the most well-known bubble tea franchises. Keep in mind– while they may be successful, they may not be a great place to start.

  • Bubbleology franchise
  • Biju Bubble Tea
  • BoBoQ
  • Happy Lemon
  • Chatime
  • Gong Cha
  • Sharetea

Though these options are the most popular, they’re likely tricky to open. The more successful a bubble tea franchise is, the higher the investment. Regarding the most prominent franchises, franchisors want to find franchisees with extensive experience.

So if you’re new, you may want to start a bubble tea franchise with more minimal practice. Small franchises can offer a solid customer base, training, and support.

Our Cafe and Coffee Options

At Franchise Local, we offer many Cafe and Coffee options, each with its own robust business model. These options will be significantly easier to open and can provide much success. Though they might not all sell boba, they exist in the same market– with many of the same customers and supply chain.

Explore our different options to understand which works best for you– you’ll want to find a brand that aligns with your values and beliefs. There’s nothing better than starting a franchise you’re passionate. We’re sure these options will offer you much to love.

#1 Picasso’s Desserts

Founded in Birmingham in 2017, Picasso’s is known for its passion for desserts and creative vision. With a minimum investment of £25,000, franchisees can join this unique concept in the dessert and coffee market.

#2 Triple Two Coffee

As an award-winning brand that prioritizes innovation and customer experience, Triple Two Coffee offers all the benefit of a bubble tea franchise, all with a minimum investment of £25,000. Join this established brand to become part of its success story.

#3 Filta

This low-cost franchise, Filta, provides complete training to deliver a unique service to the cafe industry. With a low investment rate of £15,000, franchisees can get an edge in this market.

#4 The Urban Chocolatier

The Urban Chocolatier is known for its exceptional quality desserts and Italian coffee. The minimum investment is £14,995 and promises to break even within 1-2 years.

#5 Coffee Planet

Join the coffee revolution with Coffee Planet, a specialty Arabica coffee brand. The company offers 35 outlets with an initial minimum investment of £20,000.

#6 Cocoba

Join the multi-award-winning chocolate franchise Cocoba. The company offers many franchise opportunities, with a minimum investment of £25,000. You’ll surely delight customers with premium chocolates and coffee in a unique cafe setting.

#7 Inhouse Coffee

Considered one of the most exciting opportunities, Inhouse Coffee offers franchise options with a minimum investment of £12,750. If you start this franchise, you can expect to break even within six months– an exceedingly fast turnaround.

#8 Pistachios in the Park

If you’re looking for a brand that values community engagement, Pistachios in the Park is a community-focused cafe franchise that serves good quality, fresh food and coffee. However, the franchise is on the higher end of the spectrum – with a minimum investment of £42,500.

#9 The Commute

If you want to combine coffee with a bicycle maintenance service, The Commute is the place for you. This franchise targets bikers by selling food, drinks, and bike equipment. This fresh franchise offers franchise opportunities with a minimum investment of £25,000.

Bubble Tea Coffee

Starting A Bubble Tea Franchise with Franchise Local

While several well-known bubble tea franchises have opportunities in the UK, you may be wiser to open more affordable options.

Franchise Local offers several low-cost franchises in a variety of industries. For other options, check out our Green and Eco-Friendly franchises and Business Consulting.

You can never learn enough about franchising. Our Tips and Advice provide all the necessary information to work your way to the top. Learn about the top 5 American food chains in the UK and how to purchase a franchise on a budget.

Whether you’re starting a bubble tea franchise or any other, it’s essential to carefully evaluate each franchise’s investment requirements and unique offerings to make an informed decision. We’ll provide a trusted spread of franchisors to help you reach your goals.

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