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Starting your own business with The Bike Fitters franchise provides a complete business-in-a-box. As a franchisee you will own and operate your own bike fitters business in your local area, with the brand, systems, guidance and support of our professional friendly team at The ... Read More


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Yes, through a third party
Business Opportunities
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Full Time
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England, Wales, Scotland

Take your passion for pedalling and earn some proper money!

Become an expert mobile bike fitter and trusted advisor to cyclists in your local area

Earnings potential £100k+ | Be your own boss | Take control of your time

The Bike Fitters Franchise For Sale

Starting your own business with The Bike Fitters franchise provides a complete business-in-a-box. As a franchisee you will own and operate your own bike fitters business in your local area, with the brand, systems, guidance and support of our professional friendly team at The Bike Fitters HQ.

Could I be a Bike Fitter?

To be successful you need to be great with people; polite, respectful, and PASSIONATE about cycling! No bike fitting experience is necessary as you will be fully trained in all the tools, techniques and systems. Franchisees are welcome from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Bike shop employees

Take control of your time and earn the money you deserve without leaving the cycling industry

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Keen cyclists

Work in the sport you love, helping more people share your passion while earning a great income

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Business people
who love cycling

Tired of staring at screens and playing office politics, be your own boss and enjoy a rewarding lifestyle

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Physios, PTs and fitness industry

Fed up earning rubbish returns, take control of your future with your own bike fitting business

The Bike Fitters Franchise

“The world’s best bike fitting system…”

“How can I say this… because I believe Simon is unique having been trained in six
of the industry’s most well-known bike fitting systems – then combining the best
of each to create our own TBF Bike Fitting System.”

Barry Price - Director

“Had a great fitting from Simon. He really knows his stuff and my position and cleats are now properly dialled in.”

Matt Crampton

The Bike Fitters Franchise Opportunity

Winning numerous medals over his career, Matt was part of the world class
British track trio riding with Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Jason Kenny. Ref:

As one of ‘The Bike Fitters’, you will be trained and certified in our bike fitting system. It’s not just a one-off course, you will receive ongoing updates and insights to ensure you stay at the forefront of the industry. As well as the technical, we will guide and support you in how to grow your local business – another benefit of being part of a franchise network.

The Bike Fitters Franchise

And with this business model there are more income streams as a result of the relationships you’ll develop through each bike fit. Often new bikes arrive and need properly setting up pre-fit. Then there is the supply of parts for each fit and the inevitable conversations around the latest tech and innovations that will often lead to further interactions. You’ll become your client’s trusted advisor!

Become a trusted advisor to your local cyclists

Home bike fitting is a huge opportunity in a fragmented market with so much potential. One bike fit often leads to another! Some clients have multiple bikes, most will have their own network of similarly passionate cycling buddies too – it’s so rewarding at so many levels.

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Road / Gravel / CX

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Triathlon / Time Trial / Track

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Mountain Bike

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Indoor Home / Gym

The Bike Fitters Franchise

Touring / Bikepacking

The Bike Fitters Franchise


If you are looking to start your own business, starting it with a franchise system is proven to be much lower risk and far more profitable for you as the franchisee than going it alone as an independent. You also don’t have to spend as much money either!

There are many benefits to becoming a TBF franchisee…

  • Turn your passion for cycling into an income
  • Take control of your work/leisure time
  • No premises required and low overheads
  • Rewarding role helping people increase their enjoyment of cycling
  • Earn an amazing income when compared with the industry norms
  • Scale to a multi-van operation and build a business to sell

We are ‘your business support team’

Meet us and you will understand the depth of experience and knowledge that you will gain at every step of your business journey. From business plans to lead generation, technical bike fitting to accounts and finance. You will be starting your local mobile bike fitting business with a hugely experienced team riding right beside you!

What’s in it for us… We only make money when you do, that’s the beauty of a proper franchise business model. Get in touch with Mike to find out more and we also recommend you undertake the British Franchise Association’s free online course: ‘Prospect Franchisee Certificate’.

The Bike Fitters Franchise Opportunity


How do I find people who want a bike fitting?

We have a proven mix of marketing activities to drive a steady and increasing flow of leads to fit with your confidence and capacity.

Are there enough people to build a multi-van bike fitting business near me?

We employed the best franchise mapping company in the UK to ensure each territory has more than enough potential for you to reach the sales levels stated.

How big are the territories?

Each territory has been mapped so that from the centre the maximum drive is c.30mins, ensuring you aren’t spending all your time traveling between fits!

I love the idea of building my own bike fitting business, but how much admin is there?

You will get our App that helps you run your business, minimising the admin required so you can focus on the rewarding people-to-people elements of the role.

How much can I really earn?

Quite a bit! You should finish year 1 with c.£43,000, year 2 with c.£66,500, year 3 with c.£81,500 and then you have options, e.g. starting an employee in a second van or looking at more territory. But these numbers are not guaranteed and depend on how you perform.

What money do I live off while getting the business going?

If for example you need £1.5k per month to live off while starting your new business, we’ll build this into your business plan, so you’ll have the working capital available – no worries.

Find out more

We really do hope that you share our excitement for the Bike Fitters franchise model and that you want to find out more about how you can benefit from the opportunity.

If you can answer YES to the following 4 questions, we really want to hear from you!

  • Do you have at least £7,500 to invest - with bank funding (total £15,000)
  • Are you keen to follow a proven franchise model to grow your own business
  • Do you share our passion for cycling and increasing people’s enjoyment of the sport
  • Are you a friendly, professional and confident ‘people-person’.

If it is 4 Yes’s, then please get in touch with Mike on 0800 368 6821 for an initial chat

We do not offer any guarantees regarding the returns that you can create with The Bike Fitters

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