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New customer acquisition records

Whilst we navigate the new normal its perfectly acceptable to question the ability to attract and gain new lawn care customers during these uncertain times. Weve had fr...

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Timeframes to buy

Buying a franchise isnt like buying a loaf of bread. Its not just a decision for there and then, it is one for not only now, but also the future. It will therefore be no s...

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The future is franchising

Nothing proves that the future is bright for franchising more than the fact that 2020 was our biggest year for both enquiries and franchise partners joining our brands. 2020 was...

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TruGreen Franchisee of the Year

TruGreen North Hants and West Surrey scooped the Franchisee of the year award 2019. TruGreen North Hants and West Surrey are owned by Oliver Green after purchasing his lawn care...

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2021 - What does it look like for TruGreen?

If you are thinking about joining our brand this year, but have concerns over the current situation and the effect that it may have, this blog is for you. In 2020, the TruGreen ...

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Age is nothing but a number

According to the last undertaken British Franchise Association survey in 2018, almost 20% of franchise units are owned by individuals under the age of 30. This statistic goes to...

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TruGreen - 2020 in review

Back in 2019 when we were evaluating our brand and making decisions for 2020, we could never have predicted what was in store for our franchise in 2020. That said, our brand has...

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Super September for TruGreen

The year 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges to most businesses and TruGreen are no exception. Whilst our lawn care business could mainly operate on the whole because of th...

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TruGreen business launched in The Chilterns

We are pleased to welcome one of the latest businesses owners to the TruGreen network, Paul Chaumeton is the proud new owner of TruGreen The Chilterns. Corporate to outdoor ...

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TruGreen Cut The First Turf by Going Virtual

TruGreen Professional Lawncare is proud to announce its positive step into the world of revolutionised working by going completely virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic to support i...

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Marketing Your Franchise - How to Get Customers

One of the most common concerns when going into business is how to get customers. A benefit of teaming up with a franchisor as ourselves is that worry is quashed! We already have a...

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How To Grow A Team For Your Franchise

Growing a Team When building your business, you will need to build a skilful and loyal team to deliver professional services to your customers. Its important to choose emplo...

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Getting the most From a ServiceMaster Franchise Services Group Franchise

Being part of a franchise is a choice and every individual has their reasons for joining. There are costs to joining a franchise, but the benefits far outweigh these. Therefore, we...

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The Advantages of Franchising with The ServiceMaster Franchise Services Group

Franchising offers a great opportunity to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Plus, many other reasons that you may not have thought of. Established Brand For us,...

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TruGreen Franchisor Interview Q&A's

In our latest Franchisor Interview, we spoke with Emma Chappell the Franchise Sales Manager of TruGreen, to discuss what makes this franchise opportunity unique and what prospectiv...

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Ranking #50 in Franchise Direct Top 100 Franchises

#50 TruGreen Franchise Direct Top 100 We are proud to announce that not only have we made the Franchise Direct Top 100, (which in itself is a fantastic achievement), but we ha...

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With record sales and year on year growth, the grass is looking even greener at TruGreen Professional Lawncare

The weather may be cooling down but sales remain hot at TruGreen! While the Met Office confirmed the hottest UK day on record at a scorching 38.7 c, TruGreen was breaking records...

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Two new franchisees join TruGreen

TruGreen Professional LawnCare, one of the world's largest lawn care franchises has welcomed two new franchisees to the network after a fantastic start to 2018. George Michaela ...

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Go for it, there are lots of opportunities to learn & grow!

Robert Grant of TruGreen South Lincolnshire took 5 minutes out of his busy lawn care schedule to chat to us about his TruGreen journey so far. Two years into his TruGreen journey ...

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TruGreen North East joins the network!

Longframlington businessman has made a switch from working in procurement in the housing sector to professional lawn care as he launches his own franchise business to serve custome...

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