A Ninety-Thousand-Member Mission, 300 Clubs, each with 300 Members. Most importantly we aspire to support each and every member with the attention and care only a club limited to 300 members can. Once you join our franchise community, your success becomes our success, so we shall support you every... Read More

Club 300 Offers Personal & Small Group Training plus Traditional Gym Options.

We deliver exceptional client results through tailored support and service excellence. Most importantly, we make a real positive change to people lives by creating amazing communities our members never want to leave.

With the support of industry leaders previously responsible for the growth and operations of several leading franchise brands, we are inviting franchise partners to invest in one of the lowest cost/high earning potential fitness franchises in the UK.

Club 300 Your Step Towards Financial Freedom.

The boutique sector continues to outperform and is predicted to be the future of UK fitness, mirroring what has been seen in the US and Australia.

Our brand offers engagement, fast results and community. We offer our loyal members a highly engaging and innovative fitness solution. Fitness solutions offering the usual rows of cardio equipment are more increasingly losing their appeal as members fail to achieve long term results.

A Growth Industry & Profitable Niche.

As the fitness market continues to grow our niche out-performs as individuals seek out more personalised and engaging work outs. Boutique offerings are some of the fastest growing movements in fitness worldwide.

Club 300 Offers a Premium Experience with a Maximum of 300 Members Per Club.

With limited member numbers required to achieve healthy returns, supported by multiple revenue streams, from Group Training sessions, Personal Training and standard Gym use, our clubs thrive in varied areas and demographics.


With unit sizes that are manageable and deliverable with limited refurbishment & running costs, our business model is one of the most attractive gym offerings available today. With unit availability and choice, we can get you started sooner and secure that all important winning location.

Once a new site is secured our team will be on hand every step of the way to help you make the best start.

One of the Lowest Investments in the Market and One of the Best Profit Opportunities.

We offer one of the leanest and most intelligent business models in the fitness industry. Joining Club 300 offers a great work life balance, where you can make a great living whilst making a positive life-changing difference to people’s lives.

Helping You Make It Happen

  • Leading Software: Operate in line with the Best Fitness Clubs in the UK
  • Support Raising Finance
  • Full Start Up Support & Gym Launch Programme
  • Location Assessment
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Direction to Finance Providers
  • Reduced Equipment Costs
  • Building Design & Fit-Out Support
  • Regular New Work Out Plans
  • Specialist Suppliers from Accountancy to Marketing
  • Annual Conferences & Awards
  • Ongoing Training & Support
  • Readily Available Properties
  • Low Staffing Requirements
  • Simple to Manage
  • Low Monthly Fees
  • Supported by Industry Experts

Lower Investment. Better Returns.

Choosing a franchise model is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Once you have researched alternative fitness franchise opportunities, the benefits of joining Club 300 will stand out head and shoulders above the alternatives.

Unique Business Opportunity

  • Low Breakeven, Fast Returns, High Yield & Strong Profits
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Flexible Business Model
  • Reliable, Recurring & Predictable Direct Debit Income
  • Proven Demand. Underpinned by Client Results & Engaging Community Environment
  • Low attrition Rate & High Lifetime Customer Value

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