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The Cost Reduction Company Franchise

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We work with businesses to reduce their costs whilst helping our clients become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint, through green smart technologies and consumption reduction programmes. Our franchise has a strong earning potential but also helps to reduce our ... Read More


Financing Assistance
Yes, through a third party.
Business Consulting
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Opportunities available across the UK

The Cost Reduction Company Franchise News, Information & Updates

Read the latest updates, news and information articles related to the The Cost Reduction Company Franchise opportunity.

The Ideal Franchisee – A peek into the background of our partners

People frequently inquire about the type of individuals we consider for franchise opportunities at The Cost Reduction Company. The truth is we welcome people from a range of backgr...

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Embracing Sustainability: How Organizations are Pioneering Positive Change

In an era characterized by rapid environmental degradation and a growing awareness of the finite nature of our planet's resources, the concept of sustainability has shifted from a ...

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We welcome Melanie Duncan to The Cost Reduction Company Team

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition, Melanie Duncan, to The Cost Reduction Company's franchisee family. The partnership marks a significant step in the realm of eco-fr...

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A Triumph of Innovation as Three Solar Projects Flourish this Summer

In an era where the global community is at a crossroads, standing on the precipice of climate change and environmental degradation, every step taken towards sustainable solutions b...

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We welcome Martyn Parsley to the Cost Reduction Company Team

We are thrilled to extend a warm and hearty welcome to our newest franchisee at The Cost Reduction Company! As we expand our footprint and reach new horizons, we are excited to hav...

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The Crucial Pursuit: Why Cost Reduction is in High Demand for Businesses

In today's fiercely competitive and dynamic business landscape, enterprises face constant challenges in staying profitable and maintaining a competitive edge. Among the myriad of s...

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The Sustainable Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Buying a Sustainable Franchise

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness have become increasingly important, individuals and businesses are seeking ways to make a positive impact. Buying a s...

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The Cost Reduction Company Franchise – Franchisor Interview

In our latest Franchisor Interview, we spoke with Nigel Ward the Founder and Managing Director at The Cost Reduction Company franchise, to discuss what makes this franchise opportu...

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Case Study: Marylebone Cricket Club

The relationship with the Marylebone Cricket Club begins with a referral from an existing CRC Client. Initially, we were asked to look at the clubs laundry costs which after ...

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Case Study: Ardingly College Identified Savings

In the same way that many people save for a rainy day several clients are happy to identify savings and realise them when contracts have expired, and the time is right. In...

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Case Study: National LED Contract for Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Centres

The Client is a non-profit organisation and health charity. They operate a range of health and wellbeing facilities. After completing various installation contracts for Philips,...

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