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Authentic bubble tea made from premium ingredients sourced directly from Taiwan. At HEYBOBA, we believe our quality ingredients, delicious flavours and unique recipes make us the best.


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Bubble Tea
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Opportunities available across the UK


HEYBOBA – Reimagining Tea.

Bubble tea is a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, and at HEYBOBA, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, handcrafted bubble tea that is loved by our customers.

Our drinks are made with only the freshest ingredients sourced directly from Taiwan, and our menu is always evolving to meet and set the latest trends in the industry.

We currently serve customers from three retail stores and one kiosk located across Northern Ireland and are now looking to broaden our reach. We hope to launch initially in England, Wales and Scotland, with a goal of becoming a global brand.

We cater for customers young and old, but we have noticed a trend amongst the ever- growing demographic of 13 to 35 year old café-lovers. Our typical customer enjoys bubble tea with friends or visiting our stores as a coffee alternative. They are adventurous with their drinks and are always looking to try new flavours and toppings.

Heyboba Franchise


HEYBOBA stands out from the crowd. We don't just follow trends; we set the standards. Our unwavering commitment to quality, freshness, and a genuine love for what we do is evident in every aspect of our business. This is what truly sets us apart and ensures that both returning customers and first-timers leave satisfied.

We've always been frustrated with the poor quality of bubble tea available in the market, and we decided to be the catalyst for change. Drawing from our immersive experiences in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, we wanted to share the richness of this culture and the authentic boba experience with the world.

To ensure consistency and excellence, we have standardized our approach to technology, equipment, procedures, and customer service. Every HEYBOBA franchise, while individually owned, upholds the same core values of quality, innovation, and community. We believe in offering a global experience that leaves customers delighted, no matter where they enjoy our beverages.


At HEYBOBA, we uphold three fundamental values:

1. Quality

At HEYBOBA, we provide more than just a delicious cup of bubble tea – we provide an experience that blends artistry and passion with an unrivalled commitment to quality. Sourcing all of our ingredients direct from Taiwan ensures only the finest ingredients are provided to our customers.

2. Innovation

From Thai milk tea to matcha imported directly from Kyoto, Japan, our bubble tea stores are always pushing the boundaries and redefining what bubble tea can be.

3. Community

In our stores, inclusivity is not merely a buzzword; it's ingrained in our DNA. We cultivate a community-driven environment that embraces and celebrates diversity, ensuring that everyone, from customers to our dedicated staff, feels valued, respected, and embraced with open arms.

Heyboba Franchise


As the owner of your franchise, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of your business - following systems and procedures provided by us, employing your team, maintaining your premises to a high standard and maximising potential at every opportunity.

You will have access to everything you need to run a successful bubble tea business. We will supply your store with the highest quality ingredients and our signature premium packaging, as well as all the necessary equipment and technology.

Our comprehensive training programme will ensure that you and your team have the skills and knowledge to create our handcrafted beverages to perfection, and our ongoing support will be there to help you every step of the way.

We will train every franchisee and staff member to follow our precise recipes and techniques to ensure continuity and quality across the board. After all, consistency is one of the most important aspects of great bubble tea.


When you decide to franchise with us, we are with you every step of the way.

HEYBOBA will supply your franchise with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, fixtures, fittings and furniture to give you our classic brand style.

We will also get you up and running with staff training on our systems, recipes and procedures to help you kick-start your successful franchising journey. Our support is on-going, meaning you will never be left without guidance or assistance if and when you need it.

We guarantee your supply of HEYBOBA’s exceptional quality ingredients, sourced directly from Taiwan, along with our exclusive branded premium packaging to ensure the best experience for your customers.

In summary:

1. We will make the initial setup a breeze
→ meaning you’ll get up and running as quickly as possible

2. We will assist you with site selection
→ meaning you’ll get the perfect location for your business

3. We will ensure constant supplies of the finest Taiwanese products
→ meaning& you'll have the advantage of offering our full range of products at all times

4. We will provide all ongoing training on recipes, technology and standards
→ meaning you are guaranteed a well-run, top quality business and product offerings

5. We will constantly innovate and create new offerings for our stores
→ meaning our customers enjoy an experience that cannot be found anywhere else

6. We will always want to help you to succeed
→ meaning your journey as a franchise owner becomes smoother and more rewarding

7. Excellent profit margins
→ meaning you will begin earning from the day you open your doors and a great return on your investment

8. You would join HEYBOBA ’s support network
→ meaning you would have guidance and encouragement for a seamless franchising journey


  1. Bubble tea is part of a booming business sector and is an extremely in-demand product
  2. Excellent profit margins - you will begin earning from the day you open your doors
  3. A great return on your investment and an asset you can potentially sell in the future
  4. World-class supplies and infrastructure
  5. HEYBOBA’s support network and guidance for a seamless franchising journey

Heyboba Franchise


We are looking for individuals who share our passion for bubble tea and our commitment to excellence. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, we welcome you to join our team and be part of our success story.

Are you:

- A leader but also a team player?

- Passionate and committed?

Are you able to:

- Learn on the job?

- Follow precise standards and systems?

- Remain calm under pressure and perform to your best daily?

- Able to make others smile and provide excellent customer service?

And finally, do you have:

- Exceptional communication and social skills?

- An understanding of the food and beverage industry, or a strong desire to learn?

- Commercial skills and a strong capability with numbers?

- Attention to every detail?

If you answered yes to the above statements, HEYBOBA may just be your perfect fit.


We have already identified multiple potential store, unit, and kiosk locations throughout the UK and Europe, and we have single unit or multi-store, and international master franchise partner opportunities available. Get in touch with us to embark on your HEYBOBA discovery journey and determine if this opportunity is right for you

By leaving us your details, you'll receive our Franchise Prospectus, offering valuable insights into the remarkable franchising opportunities that lie ahead. Moreover, we'll arrange a personalized online call to learn more about you and share further details about our business, and how we may just be the perfect fit.


Be one of the first 5 franchise partners to join us in 2023 and unlock an unmissable offer. Enjoy an exclusive discount of 50% reduction in the initial Franchise Fee, along with a lowered Management Service Fee for the first 2 years of your operation. Act swiftly as space is limited, and this exceptional opportunity won't last long.

We are excited to support you in becoming a HEYBOBA franchise partner, and to begin this journey together.

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