#7 Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

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If you’re interested in recruiting, opening a recruitment franchise may be a great opportunity.

Every business needs employees, but many don’t have the time or resources to hire correctly. That’s where recruiting comes in. An excellent recruitment franchise helps a business find the best possible workers quickly.

Recruiting companies typically target specific niches. Explore your passions to determine which may be best suited for you. You’ll find options whether you’re looking for care hiring or environmental.

With growing franchising rates, there’s no better time to start franchising. At Franchise Local, we aim to welcome you into franchising with a vast selection of industries and businesses. In this article, we’ll break down the seven best recruiting franchises and show you how easy it is to start.

Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

7 Best Recruiting Franchises

Follow along for a look at all our favourite recruiting franchises. Like any good franchise, these businesses have a strong reputation and an established customer base.


Minimum Investment – £20,000
Robocore is an innovative recruitment franchise that uses the latest technology to find the perfect candidates. This company uses AI and BMI software to provide a clever twist on the traditional hiring process.

The company has quickly become profitable, sporting 38 outlets since its 2017 inception. Franchisees can expect to receive training and break even in 4-20 weeks: an extremely brief window.

Lastminute Care & Nursing

Minimum Investment – £30,000
Since launching in 2016, Last Minute Care & Nursing has achieved staggering success. The franchise has turned over more than £13M and has employed more than 1,500 care workers.

This franchise combines recruiting with care, a great way of making your franchise something you can be passionate about. Franchisees can expect a 6-month breakeven rate: an atypically quick rate!

Driver Hire

Minimum Investment – £32,000
Driver Hire was established in 1984, making it a long-standing, reputable franchise. Over the years, they have been given many awards: BFA HSBC’s 2019 franchisor of the year and Elite Franchise’s #1 recruitment franchise from 2018-2022.

The franchise is as it sounds, providing drivers for companies across the UK. If the investment is steep, consider using 3rd party funding for financial assistance.


Minimum Investment – £28,000
Tezlom combines business with heart to make an excellent all-around franchise. This franchise specialises in recruiting nurses, support workers, and care assistants.

The company offers franchise opportunities throughout the UK; once a franchisee signs on, they will receive training from the franchisor.

Pro-Tip: For franchising in a similar vein, explore our home care franchises.

Hub Care Support

Minimum Investment – £10,000
Notice a trend? Hub Care Support is another excellent care recruitment franchise. This business model allows self-employed Personal Assistants (PAs) to act as carers.

The company touts low investment costs and promises low overhead and excellent returns. They offer 3rd party finance assistance and full training once signed on.

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The Franchise Consultant

Minimum Investment – £25,000

The Franchise Consultant offers assistance for what we’re talking about– franchising! The company works with franchisees and franchise owners to make the process easy and stress-free. That’s a mission statement we love.

The company is relatively low-cost, with a quick turnaround rate of 6 months. By getting involved, you’ll receive personal mentoring and the use of a proven business model.


Minimum Investment – £20,000
Auditel is a BFA-established franchise with interests rooted in the environment. They are the first ‘Carbon Solutions’ franchise, sporting over 30 years in business.

The company is flexible, offering several Partner business models based on your needs and financial placement. Don’t get trapped where you don’t want to be: Auditel offers many work options part-time to full-time to work-at-home!

Additional Recruiting Franchises

The good business doesn’t stop there. If those companies don’t scratch your itch, here are a few more great recruitment franchise opportunities.

As a franchisee, your efforts and work will go toward this company– make sure it’s one you trust.

Before signing that franchisee agreement, ensure you align with a company’s beliefs and values and believe in its business model. Contact the franchisors for a meeting and discuss your hopes and goals. You’ll find a match in no time.

Franchise Meeting

Franchise Local for Franchising Dreams

Recruitment franchises offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to assist care-based franchises or help the environment, you can join a franchise that aligns with your motivations.

If you are interested in other franchises, search our franchise directory. We’re sure to have something you’ll be passionate about. Do you like animals? Check out our pet-based franchises. If you’re interested in photos and art, you’ll love our Photography based options.

Remember, franchising is a journey. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t move quickly. In the meantime, we’ll update you with all the best Tips and Advice. We’ll teach you how to purchase a franchise on a budget and all of 2023’s hottest franchises.

Our Ultimate Guide is the premium resource for-all things franchising. Use it whenever you need a refresh of great information. Keep growing, learning, and expanding. With a foundation of knowledge, you never know how successful your franchises will become.

Good luck with your recruitment franchise journey. With the right company, we’re confident you’ll go far.

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