A Unique and Exceptional Franchise that both Parents and Kids Love and You will have access to Funding from your Local Authority of up to £100,000 per Year. Our Existing Franchisees have waiting lists for Kids Eager to Join…

An Exceptional Opportunity With 100% Unsecured Government Funding Available and Access to Local Authority HAF Funding of up to £100,000 Per Year…

Active Future Franchise

Active Future Franchise

Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF) – A Huge Game Changer For You..

Active Future Franchise

As a proud delivery Partner of HAF Programmes in your area you have access to HAF Funding of up to £100,000 from your Local Authority. Our specialist team works with your Local Authority to secure funding for this much needed programme. There are very few organisations in the UK that can deliver this programme and this is clearly a huge boost to your new business. We have immense experience in setting up HAF Programmes across the UK.

Significant Earnings Year One With Ongoing Scalability…

Active Future Franchise

This is a Totally Stress Tested Business Model with expert Head Office Marketing and Support, a Unique Concept and Little Competition you can earn over £70,000 Year One and build a truly scalable enterprise that will truly benefit Your Community

A Multi Award Winning Franchise with Huge Demand and No Competition. This is so Much More than an After School Club…

Active Future Franchise

The format of this unique offering has been developed by the Active Future Team headed by Matt Goodman PhD who has a Doctorate in Sports Science. Based on research and evidence from the most respected bodies throughout the world they have developed a programme of activities that appeal to not only ‘the sporty’ kids but all kids of all shapes and sizes and demand is booming!

The Package Encompasses everything that today’s young people and their parents need and more importantly REALLY WANT…

Active Future Franchise

  • Exciting After School Activities
  • Free Play
  • School Holiday Camps
  • HAF Funded Holiday Programmes
  • In School and Council Contracts
  • Parties
  • Sports Coaching – Dodgeball and Football
  • Themed Events – The Apprentice, Hidden and Fortnite with real Nerf Guns

We Provide You With Professional Marketing Leading To Waiting Lists With Massive Demand…

Active Future Franchise

We have developed 14 very successful Franchise Territories already with top Franchisees recording over £200,000 of sales per year. This is without any paid advertising whatsoever.

As an example, the recently advertised Dodgeball Programme in the Castleford Territory and booked in over 200 youngsters in less than a week (Through totally unpaid Facebook Posts.) We now have a long waiting list.

We are So Confident Of Your Success We Will Get Your First Two Venues Up and Running With Sessions Fully Booked

Active Future Franchise

And to Prove The Point – Our Latest Franchisee…

Active Future Franchise

Our new Durham Franchisee has hit the magical 100 kids per week in under a month and with 3 new sessions starting next month will be at around 160 kids in under two months. Giving her a monthly income of over £3800. Not including schools and holiday provisions which we are now starting to build with her.

There Is No Barrier To Entry With 100% Unsecured Government Funding Available…

We have teamed up with one the UK’s leading Government Start Up Loan Consultancies. They produce your Business Plan, Profit and Loss and Cashflow Projections working with you at every stage of the application process. This is completely Free of Charge and we have a 100% Success Rate…

National Roof Box Hire Franchise

Our Exceptional Franchise Blueprint Will Grow Your Business Quickly and Profitably…

Active Future Franchise

  • 100% Unsecured Government Funding Available
  • Up To £100,000 HAF Funding
  • Your First Two Venues Secured and Filled for You
  • A Growing Market With Huge Support For Children’s Activities
  • No Competition
  • Numerous Options For All Young People
  • No Royalty Fees Year One
  • Excellent Cash Flow
  • Website and Social Media Set Up
  • Company Set Up, Accounting and Tax Professionally Handled For You
  • Long Term Customer Retention and Referrals
  • A Totally Recession Proof Business
  • Full In Depth Training
  • A Dedicated Support Team
  • A Fully Protected Scalable Territory
  • Ongoing Activity Development
  • An Ethical Approach

We Want People Who Truly Care About The Welfare of Our Young People…

Our Mission Statement is…

Active Future Franchise

We are keen to return to a bygone era where play and activity was not just a one off event but something that occurs naturally and spontaneously. Giving children and often their families the environment to rediscover this most basic of needs is key to your role as an Active Future Partner.

With sport being the most common movement activity there is a high focus on sport within the Active Future programme. However, much of this will be free play and child directed. One of our most celebrated programmes are the Free Play activities where children get to choose exactly what their provision looks like.

Active Future Franchise

For those that wish to specialise in specific sports we have class leading programmes that people can take part in and receive specialised expert coaching in those areas.

You will cater for all abilities without prescriptive monotonous repetition of the same old coaching mantras and the children will love every second of it.

14 Territories have sold in a very short period of time so fill out the form below and we’ll send you our extensive 20+ page prospectus (see to the left) directly to your inbox. So you can make an informed decision on starting an Active Future Franchise.

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