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Poppies Franchise News, Information & Updates

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Poppies Franchise For Sale In South Yorkshire

Doncaster A fantastic opportunity has arisen in the South Yorkshire area for someone looking to own their own well-established cleaning business. This fantastic South Yorkshire...

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50 years makes for strong foundations and rich experience

The franchise industry, while refusing to stand still, welcomes new faces, practices and ideas on a daily basis. And it is for these reasons that it is becoming less common for fra...

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Poppies celebrates a year of growth and financial success

This year, domestic cleaning franchise, Poppies, has not only been responsible for putting smiling faces on their thousands of happy customers, but it has also been able to celebra...

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Poppies celebrated in annual esteemed league table

Poppies is celebrating after being named as one of the UKs top franchise opportunities for the4thyear running! From hundreds of entries across every sector, Poppies has b...

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Poppies in bloom as the cleaning franchise launches in Warwickshire

The demand for professional cleaners is growing exponentially, with 3.2 million professional cleaners now operating within the residential cleaning sector alone1. And with this inc...

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Poppies franchisee celebrates a successful first anniversary

This month, Poppies franchisee, Edden Jones, is celebrating his first anniversary of providing high-quality cleaning services to his local community in York. Since launching his fr...

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Breaking Free: John’s Decision to Be His Own Boss

John Burrows, an experienced professional in Management, has taken the self-employed route by opening a new franchise ofPoppies Cleaning Service in Nottingham East. With over 40 ...

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A Dynamic Duo Building a Poppies Community Through Quality Cleaning Services in Hounslow

In the bustling town ofHounslow, a newcleaning franchiseis set to make its mark. Soniya and Lester Fernandes, a dynamic duo with diverse professional backgrounds, have recent...

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Clean space, clean mind: the importance of workspace hygiene

Cleanliness, in every walk of life, is now at the forefront of our thinking. Whether at home or in public, hygiene and taking pride in the spaces that we occupy has never been so p...

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Why exceptional training is a vital element of franchise success

The age-old belief that practice makes perfect is one that, while true to some extent, only tells half the story. What is more accurate, in fact, is that practice makes perma...

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The importance of maintaining high standards in a cleaning business

Hygiene and cleanliness have never been so important to consumers, but it was the pandemic that highlighted the growing awareness we have for the need to keep our homes clean. In f...

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The importance of remembering why customers come first

Customer service has always been at the forefront of franchise operations. And since the pandemic, the expectations customers have of us have increased dramatically. In fact, 96% o...

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Spring cleaning your franchise and why it is always a good time to declutter

We all know how busy the winter season can be for businesses in any industry. As business owners, a natural side effect of successfully navigating this period may be that keeping t...

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Spring cleaning: the time has come to spruce up your home!

We all know how demotivating winters dark nights and cold weather can be. And with Christmas, New Year and other holidays dominating your calendar throughout the season, it is n...

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Poppies set to sparkle and build momentum for remarkable growth year in 2022

With the relentless challenges of 2021 now behind us, domestic cleaning franchise Poppies is already kickstarting the year with a growing optimism for the cleaning industry. Despit...

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Full steam ahead as former railway engineer launches new Poppies franchise in York

A former railway engineer is on track to launch a professional home cleaning franchise, Poppies, to provide a high-quality service the York and surrounding community can trust. Op...

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How to identify the right franchisees to thrive in your network

Finding franchisees is easy, but finding the right franchisees is not. It is critical that you make good, well-considered choices about who you decide to award the franchise to ...

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Poppies Sheffield rebounds with 160% growth since the pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic easing in the UK, Sheffield-based cleaning business, Poppies, has shown how it has survived, thrived and continued to support its local community over...

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Decades of success for Poppies franchisees

Domestic cleaning franchise Poppies has much to celebrate among its UK wide network, with multiple franchisees marking significant milestones this month. At Poppies Doncaster, h...

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West Yorkshire entrepreneur cleans up with new franchise

With over 16 years of experience in the beverage industry, West Yorkshire born and bred Dan Reid has swapped his corporate life for a cleaning franchise covering Leeds and its surr...

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What skills are needed to be successful in a cleaning franchise?

Franchising is an enticing career opportunity for all types of entrepreneurs, regardless of their age and professional experience. However, one of the first steps that needs to be ...

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Poppies restores customer confidence in the cleaning sector

As the UK gradually returns to the new normal following a year of unprecedented challenges, Poppies is optimistic about the future of the domestic cleaning sector. The cleani...

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Spring cleaning takes on a new importance for Poppies

Spring cleaning has taken on a new importance this year. With millions of households across the UK more concerned about high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and their health than...

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West Lancashire domestic cleaning franchise Poppies celebrates 25-year milestone

West Lancashire business owner, Chris Wootton, celebrated a huge milestone as his domestic cleaning franchise business Poppies reaches its 25-year anniversary on Friday, 9thApril...

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The rise of business ownership

Despite all of the challenges that the pandemic has thrust upon every business owner and entrepreneur in the last 12 months, recent statistics show that it hasnt dampened everyo...

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Poppies cleaning up for the new year

With 2020 done and dusted, domestic cleaning franchise, Poppies, is getting this year off to the best start possible. Despite several lockdowns, the 22-strong franchise network rem...

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It's never too late to fulfil a dream!

For as long as Emma Ryan can remember, being her own boss was a fantasy. After spending almost two decades in the corporate world, a stark shift in the industry that she had grown ...

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Gaining confidence to build a successful business

The thought of running her own business always filled Marnie Duval with excitement. However, she didnt quite have the confidence to make the leap and go it alone. After cons...

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Helping to clean up the industry

Chris Wootton, Managing Director of Poppies cleaning franchise, has taken up a specialist advisory role with the Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA) in order to help raise the image a...

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Poppies features in 100 best UK franchises

Poppies, based in West Lancashire, is celebrating after being featured as one of the best franchises in the UK. For the second year in a row, the domestic cleaning franchise has ma...

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Poppies: a rewarding franchise in so many ways

When circumstances forced Wendy James to re-evaluate her career, it wasnt long before she found the perfect option. Domestic cleaning franchise Poppies had piqued her interest w...

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Poppies celebrates Ruby anniversary

2020 marks a milestone birthday for the UKs first cleaning franchise, Poppies, as the brand celebrates 40 years of success. On April 1st, although unable to be together in pe...

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Banking on a secure future with Poppies

After more than 20 years as a Business Manager at Lloyds Bank, Charles Kirkman and his wife, Christine - who also worked at the bank as a Business Support Manager - decided it was ...

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Building a lifetime of satisfaction and fulfilment

Career-man, Nigel Bayliss, spent over 15 successful years managing teams as big as 450 people in the retail sector. Like so many before him, he eventually grew weary of long days a...

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I hate cleaning but I love my Poppies franchise!

Becky Sagar has been running her Poppies franchise for over a decade. Both ambitious and strong-willed, not long after starting out in her career, Becky diagnosed herself as une...

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Third time lucky with Poppies

When Andrew Wishart was made redundant for the second time in his career, hed had enough. On that very day, he vowed to become his own boss. In the background of his main ca...

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Franchise implements vigorous at-home cleaning programme

In May, when the UK was preparing to exit the first lockdown, domestic cleaning franchise Poppies had already developed a strategy to ensure cleaners could manage the new way of wo...

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A business that is no joke

On April Fools Day 2015, Simon West learned that he would be made redundant - no laughing matter. After dedicating almost 30 years to the company, he was left looking for a new ...

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Taking her business from good to a blooming success!

When a sudden reality check forced Carey Taylor to reconsider her future, business ownership provided her with a solution. However, whilst worrying about the challenges of going it...

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Driving Towards a Successful Business

When former driving instructor, Katie Ellams, required more flexibility, she and her husband moved up north to open a tearoom. However, the long days and intense seasonal trade was...

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Dusting off after redundancy to build a business that shines

Rob Piper is a self-confessed people-person. For almost two decades, his natural flair for communication, employee engagement and customer service saw him excel within Seftons E...

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Keeping it in the family

Poppies has been part of Kate Lawsons life for as long as she can remember. As a youngster, she recalls going to her mothers Poppies office after school where she and her sis...

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Continuing a legacy

After working for more than 19 years in Durham Constabulary, Nicola Marinan was given the opportunity of a lifetime. A close family friend, Elizabeth Richardson, was looking to sel...

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