We are a family operated Ice Cream and Desserts lounge, born in London and spreading joy to our customers ever since. We have an exciting array of Ice cream flavours that capture all the flavours and essence from India – where our founders were born.

Be at the forefront of The UK's ice cream revolution.

Ice Cream sales grew 20.7% in 2020 in a £1.4Billion Market

Scooperb Franchise

Who are Scooperb

Scooperb is a family owned ice cream parlour and desserts business that have very successfully captured their market for exotic and extremely delicious ice creams.

With a wide range of Asian inspired flavours made from natural, organic, eggless ingredients they are quickly becoming a leader in the ice cream revolution sweeping the UK.

Low Fees, High Growth

Over the years Scooperb has researched, refined and grown their business model to focus on a relatively small range of high performing products and services. This model now ensures that as a franchisee owner of a Scooperb ice cream parlour you maximise your sales and minimise your costs. Making early financial returns and a multi-unit expansion programme a real possibility.

UK Expansion

The team at Scooperb are experienced business and franchise experts and they have an ambition of a new store opening every week. It’s a real possibility once the brand gets traction and those early adopters will be in prime position.

Scooperb provide all the support to get you going and get your dessert lounge and ice cream parlour busy with customers. Although no prior experience is required, anyone from a QSR or catering and hospitality background will find this quick and easy to get to grips with.

Scooperb Franchise

How does the franchise work?

The beauty of the Scooperb franchise is that Scooperb makes its money from the products you sell.

The more you sell, the more Scooperb makes, which in turn fuels further growth and expansion.  With low franchise royalty fees, it allows you to put your working capital into maximising sales and keep those wholesale orders for more ice cream coming and coming. It is a genuine win-win situation for all parties

Once your Scooperb Ice cream parlour is open, you simply need to focus on marketing it and ensuring it is a clean, well-stocked, inviting place for customers.

If you have good quality, well trained staff who follow café procedures, then there is no reason you cannot replicate this and become a multi-unit franchisee leaving you to manage and grow the business.

Quality choices, low stock holding, fast selling

The well thought out menu minimises waste and stockholding and maximises sales. The menu ranges include;

  • Exotic flavoured ice creams
  • Quesadillas
  • Waffles
  • Milkshakes
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Crepes (sweet and savoury)
  • Nachos
  • Coffees & Teas

System Support

Our systems are designed to ensure they support you as you grow your team and grow your customer base and programs. This includes booking systems, recruitment and hiring of class leaders, equipment and program management.

Extensive Branding and Marketing

As part of the franchise package you receive;

  • Social media and SEO support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Venue Launch Campaigns
  • Outbound Newsletters
  • Customer Booking support and Systems

Work From Home

This is a franchise that can be operated from a home office, which will help you keep your costs low in the beginning. Although franchisees may wish to grow into premises and employ support staff as the business grows.

Scooperb Franchise Opportunity

Future Recession Proof Growth

During the largest recession in modern times, ice cream sales continued to grow. The desire for us to treat ourselves during difficult periods is the same The World over. Couple this with the rapid growth in the “social high street” as a place to meet, eat, drink and socialise means Scooperb is ideally placed for the future.

Training and support

Items that are covered in the training include:

  • Company History - The philosophy, our positioning and how our business has developed
  • Products and Services and how to sell these products
  • Customer Service - We are a customer focussed business and as such we have developed many customer focused systems
  • Business Planning
  • Branding advertising and taking advantage of national and local promotional initiatives
  • Internal Communication and Business administration
  • Staff Management
  • Ongoing Business Management – Training in aspects of financial management including cash flow and cash flow forecasting.  

Demand is National – Do not delay!

This is a rapidly growing International franchise with an award-winning program. If you believe you have the experience and desire to run this business then do not delay. We have an immediate demand on a national basis. Please contact us to find out more.

Interested in starting a Scooperb Franchise?

To contact Scooperb for more information regarding their Franchise opportunity and speak to them directly with any questions you have, please complete the form below.


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