A franchise with MagiKats Tuition Centres offers you the chance to build a substantial business whilst giving back to the community by educating the next generation in maths, English and reasoning. MagiKats provides a franchise opportunity that fits your lifestyle and satisfies your business goals.

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MagiKats - Another New Tuition Centre Opening

MagiKats are delighted to announce that another new Tuition Centre will open in February 2022. Karen Davey has taken the franchise for Newcastle North. Karen joins MagiKats fr...

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MagiKats Online Information Meetings – Jan’22

Research is the key to finding out whether a franchise is right for you and MagiKats has a monthly opportunity for prospective franchisees to do that. They run monthly group onli...

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How To Choose a Franchise

Thinking of a lifestyle change? Thinking of buying a franchise? Heres our guide to deciding if and which franchise is right for you. The pandemic has caused so many people to...

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New Tuition Centre Opening in Peterborough

MagiKats are delighted to announce a new centre to open in Peterborough. The MagiKats Peterborough North centre will be run by experienced teacher Catherine Gourlay. Catherine alre...

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There’s light at the end of the tunnel, so is it time to make a change?

If the last year has taught us anything, its probably how important it is to be able to do things we love and enjoy. From lifes simple pleasures (a hug with a friend) to doin...

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What’s it like to run your own franchise business during a pandemic?

In August 2019 a new MagiKats Tuition Centre opened in Coventry, with Rachel Stamper at the helm. Bearing in mind the tumultuous events that have unfolded since, its interesting to...

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How luck beat lockdown: a history of the tech behind MagiKats

Jan has been writing worksheets for decades. In education since the early 70s, she has always had an enthusiasm for creating work to help specific children, teenagers and young adu...

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MagiKats Tuition Centres August Reopening

MagiKats Tuition Centres are working on a COVID safe pathway to reopening across all their locations. As of now, in England, they are allowed to re-open if they can do so safely. I...

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MagiKats completes its first socially distant training for new franchisees

MagiKats completed its first socially distant training recently, with four new franchisees. The mid-July training was run at the MagiKats HQ in Farnham, Surrey. Sarah Marsh (Dir...

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MagiKats prepare for the first socially distant July training course for new franchisees

Sarah Marsh, Director of Operations is busy this week getting the MagiKats Head Office ready for the first post-lockdown new franchisee training course. Sarah and the team are t...

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Life after teaching: Why you should consider an educational franchise

Its widely recognised that teaching is a tough profession, and 2020 has surely got to be one of the toughest years yet. If classroom sizes and under resourcing werent bad en...

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Book a time to talk with MagiKats Director

An opportunity to talk directly with Director of Operations, Sarah, from education franchise MagiKats. During this lockdown period, you don't have to feel locked into the career y...

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MagiKats Tuition Centres - making the business working remotely for kids, parents and would-be franchisees.

Just about a month ago, when lockdown was announced, we had to think fast. As a tutoring service that prides itself on the high quality tuition offered in its workshops, the big qu...

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What's It Really Like to Set Up and Run a MagiKats Educational Franchise?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Understandably, people want to know what they're letting themselves in for before buying a MagiKats franchise. So, we asked three of our pri...

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MagiKats' Response to COVID-19

MagiKats lays out its action plan in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Obviously, the coronavirus is at the top of everyone's mind at the moment, and small businesses in particular...

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A First Year of Franchising Success!

Franchisee Debra Thomas recently celebrated the first anniversary of her MagiKats franchise in Hereford. MagiKats provides small group private tuition to children from pre-school t...

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Carol Ann Ferguson – MagiKats Alloa

Carol Ann enquired about MagiKats via Franchise Direct UK in November 2018. She isnt from an education sector background but has been interested in it for several years. Caro...

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