Camile Thai Kitchen is an award-winning healthy online delivery restaurant chain based in London. With 35+ restaurants in the UK and Ireland (and a pipeline of 20 more on the way) business is good.

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Business For Franchising

Franchising your business so others can benefit from your winning concept is a rewarding and lucrative way to expand your concept if you get it right. There are some fundame...

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10 Ways to Manage the Finances of your Business During the Pandemic

Making sure your cash doesnt run out is arguably one of the most important things you have to do with your new business. Inevitably things cost more than you think, and business...

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Drone Food Delivery: Why Our Restaurant Is Going All In

Why Camile Thai kitchen is going all in on drones, robots We are going all-in on drone delivery, planning to have customers receiving their food by air in the next year a...

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10 ways to manage the finances of your franchise during the pandemic

If I have any good advice to give around running the finances of your business, get a Shabu to come work with you. From the beginning, working with me as a part time accountant, Sh...

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Questions to Ask Your Potential Franchisor

Asking the right questions is important to laying the foundation of your future franchise partnership. I have set out some important points that will help you form an opinion of yo...

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Join a Franchise, or Go It Alone

When youre thinking about starting your own business, many people will advise against investing in a franchise. You have to pay huge fees is a common reason Ive heard, ...

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10 Personality Traits of Winning Franchise Owners - By Brody Sweeney

A misconception with prospective franchisees is the belief that sticking a franchisors name over the door means instant success. What they dont realise is that a franchise is ma...

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10 tips to manage covid-19 as a business by brody sweeney

Far too many businesses, both franchised and not, have found the ground torn from under them as the pandemic took hold. If you are one of those finding it hard, Im setting ou...

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10 things to watch out for with smaller franchises

While there are lots of good reasons why you should consider getting in on the ground floor with a young franchise, there are just as many things that you should watch out for befo...

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Brody Sweeney's franchise diary - 10 reasons you should consider a start-up franchise

If youre thinking about going into franchising, one of the first things you will think about is about whether you should join a large conglomerate like Burger King or Spar, or i...

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Camile Thai Kitchen franchisee to open 7th restaurant

Camile Thai Kitchen, the healthy online delivery restaurant chain, have announced that franchise owner Pramod Thankapan is to open his 7th Camile branch. Thankapan is an experienc...

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Camile Thai Run NHS Free Food Drops

Camile Thai Kitchen, the healthy Thai delivery restaurant chain, has been relentlessly fuelling frontline staff during this global pandemic. In London, franchise owner Rakesh Gopa...

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Ex-McDonalds Manager Opens Camile in Navan - No. 21 in Ireland

Camile Thai Kitchen, the healthy online delivery restaurant chain, have announced the opening of their new site in Navan, Ireland. The new branch has been opened by husband and wi...

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Camile Thai Set To Open First UK Franchise In Tooting Bec

Camile Thai is proud to announce Rakesh Gopalakrishnan as the first owner of a Camile Thai restaurant franchise in London. Camile Thai has over 30 restaurant locations across the...

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