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A closer look at the most profitable franchises in the UK

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With all its diversity, the billion-pound franchising industry continues growing. It is poised to expand by leaps and bounds in the next few years, making even more substantial contributions to the economy of the United Kingdom. Haven’t you switched to franchising yet? If you’re dreaming of becoming a business owner, you better make a transition to the industry when it’s on the unprecedented rise. Do not miss out on what can give you the biggest gains in your undertaking and learn more about the most profitable franchises in the UK in 2019.

To avoid stepping into the unknown, the world’s most recognised brands are your best bet. The latest market figures show that owning a franchise from McDonald’s, KFC, SONIC or SPAR yields the highest returns. With their steady increase in gross sales, brand awareness and trustworthiness, these companies are at the top of all rankings as the most profitable franchises in the UK and beyond.

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For better or worse, acquiring a franchise from the giant brands is not for every would-be entrepreneur. Although there’s no cap to how much you can rake in with them, you have to make a massive initial investment to get started as their franchisee. For instance, McDonald’s will require you to shell out from hundreds of thousands to over a million pounds to set the ball rolling.

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Fortunately, some of the most profitable franchises to own in the UK are available with no impassable entry barriers. That means these opportunities are both lucrative and affordable.

Which franchises are the most profitable in the UK (except biggest-name ones)?

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If you want your investments to pay off as soon as possible, but you can’t afford a franchise that comes with initial six-figure fees and exorbitant ongoing costs, you still have options. Today, there are 4 booming industries that you may want to set up a franchise business in:

  • Finance. Running a company that specialises in financial services for organisations and individuals is considered one of the most profitable franchises in the UK in 2019. The demand is growing for cost management, debt settlement, retirement planning, etc.
  • Home care. With more than 10 million people over the age of 65, professional elderly care is highly sought-after in the country. You can help seniors with household chores or provide nursing services while turning the limitless profit potential to your advantage.
  • Cleaning. This niche will keep growing, no matter what. Plus, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started within it. A cleaning company is not only one of the most profitable franchises to own in the UK, but also it doesn’t entail high entry costs.
  • Pet care. If you love animals and believe in bonding with little companions, be sure to set up a dog-walking or grooming business. As every other household in the United Kingdom owns a pet, profit opportunities in the industry are colossal.

To find out what opportunities are currently available within these or other industries, start searching with Franchise Local. For your convenience, we list both low-cost and top-performing franchises under one roof.



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