The Top 20 Franchise Examples of 2023

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How’s your morning been? If you’ve bought a coffee or grabbed breakfast from a fast food joint, then there’s a good chance that you’ve just visited a franchise business.

In 2023, the most popular chain restaurants, bars, hairdressers and even hire car companies are part of a franchised business, and you can get hold of one of these lucrative businesses for yourself more easily than you may think.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 20 franchise examples of 2023, what kind of businesses are available, and what you can expect to pay and earn when you become a franchisee.

Buying a franchise is a fantastic way of starting your own business without the risk of starting from scratch and a way for franchise owners to expand their brands and, therefore, their gross sales without a huge outlay of cash.

From small-scale businesses to global enterprises, franchising has seen an impressive growth spurt in recent years – with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With its ability to leverage the strengths of both investors and entrepreneurs alike, it’s clear why this model continues to remain a powerful business strategy for all involved.

Top 20 Franchise Examples


If the financial markets are your passion, then ActionCOACH may just be the right fit for you. Hailed as the UK Business Opportunity Of The Year, ActionCOACH offers an incredible opportunity for franchisees, including funding support.

Fantastic Services

If property maintenance is your bag and you’ve got a bit of know-how, this award-winning franchise opportunity offers three different packages to suit. Franchisees can choose from a Working Franchise, an Area Development Franchise or a Master Franchise. Boasting £40 million in annual revenue, Fantastic Services is a good bet for the hands-on franchisee. You’ll need an initial investment of at least £15,000 to get hold of your very own Fantastic Services franchise.


Access4Lofts allows customers to make the most of the space in their homes by transforming loft space into living space. Third-party opportunities with funding support are currently available, and the company estimates that, after two years, franchisees can expect to see profits ranging between 35% and 40% on average.

Local Eats

Online food orders have kept us going during the pandemic, and it seems that, despite restrictions lifting, many Brits will be choosing home delivery for some time to come.

Local Eats allows you to set up your own online food ordering service quickly and easily (and you don’t need much technical know-how). After two years, the company claims that you can expect to enjoy a revenue of over £70,000 per annum, and the company does offer funding support with outlets across the UK.

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean allows you to give your career a clean sweep by getting on board with this really successful franchise business. The ServiceMaster Clean opening package will set you back a cool £50,000 or thereabouts.

Optic Kleer

This windscreen replacement franchise is one that will never go out of fashion, and franchisees can expect to earn around £5,640 per month based on replacing five windscreens per day. You can start your Optic Kleer journey with an investment of £15,000 and set up is quick and easy.

Gutter Pro

The sky – or at least the roof – is the limit with this practical franchise opportunity. You can buy into Gutter Pro’s gutter cleaning franchise for just £10,850, and the company offers a £5000 revenue guarantee with the potential to increase earnings to £50,000 for successful franchisees.


If you’re passionate about education, Lingotot offers the opportunity to own your own children’s language business, teaching children up to the age of 11 a variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh. You don’t need any previous experience and can expect to earn up to £55 per class. Lingotot allows you to spread the cost of buying your franchise by offering monthly payments of £106.

Kare Plus

One of the leading healthcare franchise companies, Kare Plus. Franchises are available for an initial investment of £32000 – no experience or qualifications are required, and the company does offer help in securing funding.

Business Sales Plus

A one-stop shop for the buying and selling of businesses. Business Sales Plus is a great starting point for those who aren’t yet sure what kind of business they’d like to invest in.

Kitchen Makeovers

Turn up the heat with a franchise opportunity from a popular household brand, Kitchen Makeovers. The initial fee for a Kitchen Makeovers franchise is £12,500, and the great news is that you may be eligible for government-led funding of up to 100% of the fee, which includes everything you need to get started.


Leaflet Distribution company DOR-2-DOR ticks a lot of boxes for the budding franchisee. The initial investment of £7,500 plus VAT contains everything you need to get started, including Delivery Round Mapping, Training, Marketing Materials, GPS trackers, software and business stationery. Franchisees can expect to earn around £155 per 1,000 houses delivered to.

Right At Home UK

One of the UK’s leading home care providers, Right At Home welcomes franchise applications from people across the country. The Right At Home franchise opportunity costs £33500 plus VAT, and the company recommends that you have up to £80,000 in working capital to cover set-up costs and expenses.


Oven cleaning may not be the most glamorous business to own, but you can expect to earn up to £60,000 per year with this leading franchise company. To get cooking with Ovenu, you’ll need an initial investment of £9950 plus a monthly management fee of £41.53 plus VAT.


With TruGreen’s lawn care business, green-fingered franchisees will be in their element. Franchisees can obtain a franchise license for £10000 or a full standard starter pack for £18,000.

Rosemary Bookkeeping

Keen number crunchers can enjoy a recurring income with an average of 75% profit margins with Rosemary Bookkeeping’s full license, training and marketing package, which is priced as follows: License: £10,000, Training: £4,470, Marketing & Software Pack: £3900.

Merry Maids

In business for over 39 years, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with a lucrative Merry Maids franchise business. Getting on board with this successful domestic cleaning franchise business will cost you £19,995 plus VAT.


These days, more people than ever are choosing to branch out and start their own businesses – and It’seeze helps them to do just that with its website launching service. The company is currently offering UK-wide franchise opportunities with funding support.

Amazon Logistics

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner programme enables entrepreneurs to launch and operate their own parcel delivery business. This is a great opportunity for those looking to get into the sharp end of the courier and delivery business. An Amazon Logistics franchise investment will require a minimum investment of £25,000 to start.

Sandler Training

If you’re itching to get into the training game, Sandler Training presents the ideal franchise profile for a sales or management business. A Sandler Training franchise costs £55,000, and it’s also recommended that you have three months of working capital behind you before setting out.


There are many options out there when it comes to choosing a franchise opportunity, and the choice can often be baffling when looking at the top 20 franchise examples of 2023. While you may be tempted to look for the most lucrative franchise option, this isn’t always the best way.

For maximum success, it’s a great idea to seek out opportunities that match your passions as these will almost always prove to be longer lived and, ultimately, more satisfying. When considering an option, always be sure to read all the fine print and properly do your research before committing.

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