We are the thought leader and the go-to business brokerage to represent business owners and shareholders of digital companies of all categories, including eCommerce, Amazon, Software, Paid Media, Affiliate, Online Companies, Tech-enabled, Third Party digital tools and so many more.

Website Closers is the World’s Leading Tech & Internet Business Brokerage, selling over $750 Million worth of tech, digital and internet companies since our inception.

We are comprised of a highly experienced team of deal intermediaries that are fully dedicated to serving the interests of the digital company entrepreneur. Having closed deals all over the world, the obvious next step for Website Closers is to become a global company.

We are extending an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this powerful, industry leader’s expansion through our franchise offering!

What Makes Website Closers Different?

Our experience within the Tech, Internet and Digital industries is one of the primary factors that set us apart from the competition.

Not only do we buy and sell tech and internet companies, not only are we attorneys, accountants, consultants, and serial entrepreneurs but most importantly, we have sold close to a BILLION dollars worth of Tech and Internet companies through the years.

Few others have the combination of background, experience and volume that our team has.

Our experience also includes selling non-traditional online businesses such as Daily Deals websites, Flash Sales sites, wholesalers, distributors, fulfilment centres, drop shippers, marketing agencies, SEO firms, and more.

The Website Closers Advantage


This is the core of Website Closers—it includes a 30 day training program that takes place in Orlando, Florida, ongoing continued education, webinars, annual masterminds and regional training programs.


This is your go-to team of Website Closers experts. The Advisory Committee is a group dedicated to troubleshooting issues within a deal, managing client engagement, populating calls as needed, and so much more. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to ensure that no franchisee ever feels alone and has support at every level from headquarters.


Our firm specializes in digital marketing and building relationships with groups that cater to and support our clients, which results in a very large referral network.

We are unique in that we provide leads to our brokers and do not ask for any marketing or co-op dollars from our brokers.

This means that our brokers do not need to worry about the time or expense normally associated with one of the most important aspects of being a business broker: lead creation and development. Our brokers also typically invest in and get involved in local masterminds, events, and shows to further develop their book of business.


We provide a variety of support services to our franchisees. Our admin team will handle all NDAs, the development of all offering memorandums and marketing collateral and document prep needed to successfully operate their franchise.


Website Closers will train our franchisees on proven methods to becoming better deal intermediaries—how to be real closers.

This will organically cause scale. But in addition, we will also train our franchisees on smartly growing their local franchise locations by hiring talented broker associates to build their local presence.

Gone are the days of just hiring anybody off the street to see if they can maybe close a business. With Website Closers, all brokers must be certified and go through our rigorous training—and continued training.

Our goal is to switch from the old school mentality where only 1 out of 10 brokers close 90% of brokerages deals. With Website Closers, we will help you build a team where the goal is to have 10 out of 10 brokers close deals, week in and week out.

We are also owners and business professionals ourselves...

The insights and understanding we have developed in over two decades of buying and selling internet businesses, making us the perfect choice to be your business broker. Our clients love us—and so will you.

Do you have what it takes to become a closer?

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