A Business for Breakfast franchise gives you two things: firstly the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the business community in your local area, and secondly the personal satisfaction at gaining a return on your investment as fast as possible. Comparable to other franchises in the... Read More

Welcome to the Business for Breakfast UK Franchise Opportunity

Since 2004 BforB has helped thousands of small to medium sized companies as well as a few large corporate organizations generate referred business. 2016 promises to be an exciting year with a number of franchise locations available across the UK. We are now looking for passionate, hard working individuals who would like to join us in helping small to medium sized local businesses grow, whilst also building their own successful, franchise business.

Our franchise team has a very diverse background and a high level of expertise which contributes to the BforB franchise family. If you would like to see some of our franchisees visit our testimonials page and watch the videos interviewing BforB franchisees and see why these particular franchise owners joined BforB, why they like it so much and more!

Business Referral Networking in the UK

The demand for business referrals and business networking in the UK is still very significant. With the SME sector booming there is even more need for those in business to have a support network, which BforB accommodates.

BforB franchisees are positioned in the heart of their local business community. To find out more about what we do and how our networking works for both BforB members and franchise owners we would encourage you to get in touch and arrange a date to attend one of our meetings yourself so you can see the opportunity; we are sure that you will be impressed.

Join the £13.7 billion UK franchising industry and secure your local business referral networking franchise today

The BforB principle is founded on three business keystones or building blocks:

  • KNOW
  • LIKE

We believe that when a business owner joins BforB they will initially get to know other members, over time build up a relationship with the group which moves them into ‘like’ and then develop a trusting relationship which will allow them to either do business with other members or put them in touch with potential business contacts.

We believe the simplicity of getting to ‘know, like and trust’ other members is what has enabled BforB to become so successful and in turn what has helped our members generate literally millions of pounds worth of new business through referrals.

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