Be a Dealmaker and make a high income from home on a part-time basis...

How to be a Dealmaker and Make £5,000 or More From Each Deal…

Dealmaker Franchise Opportunity

Just imagine making far more money as a Dealmaker of high-value transactions such as...

6-figure business finance deals
7-figure business sale or exit
Luxury property - in the UK or abroad
Private jet sale
Luxury yacht sale
and more…

Well, the SECRET is to be a CONNECTOR or INTRODUCER - between A and B, where…

A = Business owner, buyer, investor or HNWI (high net worth individual)

B = Specialist product company, service provider or specialist broker

The good news is that you DON’T need a website - or a fancy brochure…

You don’t need to have any staff, or to keep any product stock

You don’t even need an office, with NO need for any advertising…

No need for selling or marketing skills

No requirement for any affluent or other contacts

And you do not require any product or technical skills

Keeping it Real Simple…

Whether you’re currently a full-time employee, or an entrepreneur or a business owner, all that you really need for huge success as a Dealmaker is…

  • a Smartphone
  • access to the Internet via a laptop

You’ll gain the FREEDOM to be based ANYWHERE in the world - operating purely in your spare time.

Our unique and powerful Dealmaker program is a done-with-you process, focusing on:

  • How to connect and engage with more multi-millionaires, investors, high-value buyers, key decision-makers, influencers, HNWI and UHNWI
  • How to build a high-quality dialogue and relationship - more as a Trusted Advisor, and not as a salesperson
  • How to introduce or refer potential new buyers - or clients - to specialist suppliers or brokers, and to secure a lucrative fee of £5,000 or more - from each and every deal, sale or transaction

With ambition, drive and a little focus, you can comfortably make a six-figure income for yourself - in a role which gives you PRESTIGE - along with a relaxed lifestyle.

And with the Dealmaker system, there are just FOUR simple steps to success - which you'll learn, as soon as you request our free, detailed 36-page report.

You'll also discover...

  • The amazing power of DLM - Dialogues, Leverage and Margin
  • How to select the IDEAL commercial niche for you
  • How to set bigger GOALS for yourself - and how to achieve these faster
  • How to attract and to secure all the resources that you may need - more time, more money, valuable contacts, more opportunities, JVs and alliances, funding and finance, etc

Your free 36-page report will provide you with the key steps - and the process - to help you to become a successful and highly-paid Dealmaker.

Do You Want Busy-ness or a Lucrative Business?

Most businesses, franchises and opportunities offer products or services with low profit margins - meaning that you need to generate a lot of orders - to make any real money or income. This takes a lot of time and effort - often just being busy...

And after all costs, many business owners make an income just above the minimum wage.

Dealmaker is very different. Just a handful of deals done - in a year - will likely deliver a full-time income to you.

As mentioned, you can operate from any location in the world. No office, no staff, no stock, and almost zero overheads. No need for a website, and no need to advertise.

This really is the perfect business for any entrepreneur who wants both a fabulous income, along with a great lifestyle. Enquire today…

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