Notary Express is a fast-growing legal services provider. It gives franchisees with a relevant legal qualification the opportunity to work from home in their own time and on as many or as few cases as they wish. We can provide clients, insurance, systems and administrative/cashier facilities. This... Read More

As a lawyer, how would you like to earn thousands of pounds a month, working your own hours, as your own boss, from your own home?

Right now, each of our franchisees is making upwards of £5,000 per month working their own family-friendly hours from home. Can any other law firm offer you that?

We do all the regulatory compliance so you do not need to worry about that. We provide the professional indemnity insurance cover and other insurances such as public liability. We provide the templates, systems and administrative support so you can concentrate on just practising law.

In some cases, we can even provide the clients.

All you need is the experience to deliver legal advice or produce legal documents in whatever sphere you specialise. If the activity is regulated (conveyancing/probate) you will also need the relevant legal qualification.

This opportunity is:

  • A tried and tested business opportunity.
  • A chance to earn more of the money billed to clients.
  • The opportunity for you to control how much work you do.
  • The earning potential is spectacular. I mean really, really good
  • A negligible start-up cost – all you need is a computer.

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