The Future of Estate Planning. Introducing an estate planning solution to effectively boost your client portfolio and bottom line. It’s effortless for you and accessible online.

Clever Wills is a brand new, end to end, cost-effective, user-friendly estate planning platform that’s managed entirely by your clients, not your team. The intelligently automated process is designed by legal experts to put your clients in control of their legacy, offering peace of mind throughout the journey.

The intelligently automated process is designed by legal experts to put your customers in control of their legacy, offering peace of mind throughout the journey whether that is individual families or partnerships with business or advisors.

Clever Wills Franchise

Why this sector?

  • The Will Writing and Estate Planning Sector is a multi-billion £ sector.
  • Over half of UK adults do not currently have a Will
  • Less than 1% of those have a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Over 36% of sales in UK now online, rising year on year.

You can achieve anything with the right partner. Which is why we partnered with Honey Legal to create the best estate planning solution on the market.

Our sister company, Honey Legal, is one of the largest legal estate planning companies in England and Wales. Clever Wills is the natural online evolution of their highly specialist, cost-effective estate planning business model. Without the need for consultants to visit clients or assist with their estate. We have developed an online solution that can help your customers protect their families and the estate they worked so hard to accumulate.

  • 50,000+ clients
  • 7 SRA1 solicitors in full-time employment
  • Company regulated by the CLC2
  • FCA3 regulated sister company
  • 30-strong legal department
  • £12 BN estate value protected by our legal documents
  • Honey Legal became market leaders in 10 years

Clever Wills are on a mission to make Wills more accessible. We require motivated individuals and companies who want to maintain and develop their own network of clients in a recession-proof industry. You don’t need any qualifications or Will Writing experience to become a Clever Wills Partner.

Clever Wills Franchise

We will be entering into a Partnership with you, which involves significant levels of trust and confidence from both sides. Our recruitment process requires an investment of time, money and effort, as with any new Partner.

Our due diligence is tailored to ensure that you will be compliant with our systems and processes. This helps protect our ‘Excellent’ reputation, so we rely on Partners who will help maintain and enhance our brand in this sector.

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